Please help. I’ve beaten three people in a row now in pvp and it keeps saying I’ve been defeated?! My streak was broken and it gave me losses…

Those aren’t cheaters, that’s a glitch

It’s being fixed so don’t worry

Ugh and I’m really sick of playing ppl with literally every gold egg monster s rank (cheaters or beta ppl who aren’t supposed to play)

They’ll be taken care of with the next update.  I can guarantee you aren’t running into beta testers because not everything we have is S grade. those would be the egg campers or hackers

happy face to see them gone

Yup, i’ve been pawned a lot of time by people with ALL ark grade S with: omegawyrm, infernowyrm, subzeratops, stegospike, snowja, bloodclaw, i mean how can they all be rank S!? Hahaha

Well, just wait.

They’ll be taken out in 18 hours

sorry not 18 hours! next update! we know who they are. let them have fun for now  :wink:

Yay, when thats done i might finally begin with pvp… right now its to dissapointing for me to compete with others