Expose the disconnectors

Ok, this PVP has actually been pretty good in terms of not disconnecting but recently I’ve had 5 out of my last 10 battles disconnected by sore losers. I’m not talking about the ones who genuinely disconnect because of wifi or some other reason, I mean the ones who can’t take their L’s with pride and find a way to glitch the game so they get the win. Its only a few that do this but I feel they should be exposed because it makes it harder for fair players to climb up the ranks. 

I agree completely, I even know one of them.
Hope devs do something about it.

F2P Arash

I had one battle last night where one guy glitches the game and disconnected and I literally was stuck on the same screen for HOURS without receiving the win. I had to close out the app and open it back up and I’m the one who got the loss and loss like 50 points

Problem is you can’t say if it’s a glitch or a bug produced by devs. I’ve experienced all: disconnects, game freezes, monsters that skips all 4 enemy monsters instead of only one or while choosing a move the monster you are using skips to 200TU.

Only if the devs would tell us what of these are bugs and what not we could create a list or something with the players that have glitched. Then the devs would still have to approve this list.

Good suggestion. There is a thread with bugs in the game, but it needs more activity than it gets. We need to start using that to talk about the bugs