PVP 20 wins reward

Hello, can we have the 1 rare gem reward back instead of the omegamid? -_-

I like omegamids tho >.>

I appreciate giving beginners new ways to get omegamids, but don’t chea t me of my rare gem in the process -_-

Yeah. Prefer gem. Been having too many omegamid events lately. Need a bit of balance.

We will give out more rewards in PvP by separating the rewards into VP rewards and Wins rewards.

Don’t miss out PvP event this time!

So can we expect more rewards?or same one but f
Diffrent placement?

Hmmmmm this better give me back my 1 rare gem :expressionless:

I should put it this way, the rewards are more beginner friendly.

Login 28 days to get 2 rare gems :rolleyes:

Kkk all good

Not good enough :smirk:

you can never have enough rare gems

What you mean is “you can never have enough SEs”

Dont be harsh on rare egg,you can get legend dupes sometimes

My brother’s luck…

Joined at anniversary and got Gear in the guaranteed pack as his first legend.

First rare egg he got a bad SE. Second rare egg he gets Gear, one of the 3 legends he already has!

With regards to the 20 wins PvP reward being an omegamid. That’s a big shame for all older players and I’m sure some new players would even prefer it to be a rare gem. Rare gems are an awesome reward. However, new players also need Omegamids so one being added to PvP is a good decision and we already get rare gems in many other places including for high VP.

20 wins omegamid (I have only 70) and 25 wins rare gem.
Problem solved. Hire me!

I wonder if new players who need omegamids could win 20 times in PvP.

Its not VP based, but wins, so why not? They play against other new players, low tier

Hmm…based on my experience in playing my 2nd acc with a few legends, I don’t always play against low tier players. Sometimes I play against low tier, but in most cases against mid tiers with some evolved legends. It’s difficult to beat them with a few unevolved legends. I hardly win 20 times in my 2nd acc.

Fair point

But still, they only aim for 20 wins, with alot of tickets. I think that possible, much better then before at least (where they needed to aim for 60 wins like we all did )

Maybe not if you’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks… but if you’ve been playing 1-2 months then sure there are people you can beat. Practically everyone can get 20 wins.