protected killer

I think the protector killer should be able to crit on dolph and canishogun, I am really tired of the bunch of auto-protectors.

Especially the resurrection of Goldoid again and again

Goldoid is by far the most annoying type of rock, I had lost a few matches because of it

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Don’t start again guys…


Dolph is an easy Stun now. Stun lock the dolph and diamonds and then smash the remainder with raw moves. Diamond lock - Lemon Squeezy 2019

Dint u retire from diamonlock on other thread :thinking:

Na Just executed it wrong :smirk: mixing it in with other stuff

Agreed, If works for Aracnadiva, should work for who can summon protectors next, not rocks at the end of the team.

That’s because the ability of that mythic it’s an active ability not s passive
It should stay like that

Dolphreeze and Canishogun already create monsters that are weak to protector killer, I don’t think they need to be weak to it themselves.

Arachnadiva can target itself with Scapegoat to turn itself into a protector. I think there’s a big difference between that and the two monsters above.

Give me cake @Killerdog

The cake is for anyone who says Lunartic is a good monster (clearly not @LemonSqueezy). It’s the anniversary of my first ever post: How good are knock back and unwelcome friend?


I hate facing lunartic even now lol
Definitely a fun monster to use and maybe can be pvp relevant if they somehow make him have both stun immunity and HG.

Lunartic is a good monster (now I expect my cake :yum:)

No cake for you!!

@DonT89 You are the winner!

Sorry to derail the thread everyone, I won’t do it any further

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:joy::joy: I think it’s an excellent monster, but in PvE :blush: