So i have a question. If i have diamoniod And arachnadiva on the field together why can my opponent attack my arachnadiva when diamoniod have auto protect +


I’m glad you’re not confused about unlucky gem hatches because that was my initial thought looking at the post title, given the complaining going on recently on here.


Not gonna lie, based on the topic of this thread I thought it would be posted by someone else :joy:

Raw moves, sneak attack, protector killer, cannot be redirected

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Unless u used scapegoat on Arachna or they have something that has raw power

Am pretty sure he knows that :sweat_smile:

This might be the reason why

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What was the move that bypassed the diamondoid?

I actually bypassed drako once, before there were any bypassing moves. My sleep wasn’t blocked so the 99.991% makes sense. I also failed to catch a wild monster that had 100% catch rate

I been playing since the begin i know all rules. The opponent had cyclo. He use protect killer. He shouldn’t be able to bypass my diamond.

Protector killer can’t be redirected though. It can even go hit non-protectors when there’s an AP+ mon on the field


This must be the most contradicting comment of the year


Ok… Maybe you should realize this game is been updated my friend.

@Yakuza read, don’t ignore.


I take my hypothesis back

Don’t be a tw@t @DonT89

Lol why does this forum censor “■■■■”

His post was definitely rude, but no need to be rude yourself towards him.

I’m sure Yakuza has now read and is no longer confused so I’m closing the thread.

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