Prize wheel

Is there a trick to it? Or it’s completely random? 

There is a trick to it but I don’t recommend that as it takes all the fun out of the game…
But if you want to time, search through the forums for a post that explains how to time it…
(I don’t do that) xD

I don’t see how it takes the fun out of the game. It’s hardly fun just hitting stop and praying that it will land on something decent as opposed to a duskling or plasmo or similar. And at the moment (until hopefully the admin changes pvp so there are star-based gamerooms), it’s pretty much the only way to be competitive in pvp.

@pitta93 it is not even fun if you get all the egg only arks…
You will just breeze trough the game so easily and there will be no fun in online missions as you already have some of the prizes through eggs…
And as I said, it is your choice to do whatever you want too

Why do u play if u want to ‘corrupt’ the game?

It’s basicly a legal way of cheating in my eyes, not saying it is.

But thats just my opininon ( I just random click stop and see what I get )

Thats how it needs to be done! (  AGAIN :  my opinion so don’t get attacked or something. )

I have not been timing since the beginning of the game. I only made an effort to try to work out how because Pvp was absolutely no fun for me at all (so, I’d already finished the game, and had immense fun doing so). I had a strong team of arks which were all available in-game (plus meowzard and destructor). I had farmed hours and hours and hours and had the wyrms. Yet I made it into the expert league 8 times, and every time, I lost my first three matches to people with egg-only arks, and was demoted. That was no fun, so I figured, if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.

I also think it doesn’t reduce from the online missions. The golden eggs only give the final evolution of good arks (excluding starters and hatchlings). So with the exception of Minespider, every single good ark coming out of an egg still leaves baby forms blank in the monsterpedia. Which means, for example, that I’m greatly looking forward to tomorrow, because while I have a Subzeratoos already, I have neither of its unevolved forms, and as a collector first and foremost, that is what I want to get.

This is why I’m in favour of working out a star-based tier system for pvp, with game rooms capped at 8,9 or 10 stars, so those who don’t want to (like you and Jeanette) or those who can’t time eggs can still be equally as competitive in pvp. If that had existed from the beginning, I’d never have even started trying to time the eggs.

What’s the trick?

Not allowed to discuss.

Ok sorry for asking

Just a heads up, anyone offering the trick or asking for the trick will be receiving a warning, followed by a ban.

We have a no tolerance policy on this

Timing is what they will take out WHEN they update the game