Super Challenge Battle - 29th Sept 2016

Prismaryx move set:

Pretty cool new skill set. Dont want to encounter this monster, so colorful and yet so fearsome. I’m wondering what is its speed.

Do you guys think it will be added to the normal egg? Also this and ziberius will be insane 4 kills off 1 teammate death, also if it’s added to the normal egg I’m hatching like crazy next festival.

he doesn’t look special if anything I’d say his life flip friend skill is what makes him unique. he can lifeflip nightrider into red so desperate all can be used.

its like double retribution but stronger imo cause a mon can have a kill and then you come in and kill them straight away, it’s like a blood counter

that’s the thing though… he ‘‘comes in’’ which means its a very speed dependent monster. if he does not have high speed he’s instantly useless. and even then you can see enemy reinforcements coming. you  can prepare to take him out the moment he enters. he does not seem to have any high defense so he should be easily dealt with.

Done! Death Roulette saves the day!

he´s rather slow ~ 20 sec behind rexo in frontline

Oh I just realized how his skill set works whoops I’m an idiot. I was thinking the slayer move only worked on monsters with bloodthirst, but anyone who kills the rockoids are susceptible… Interesting.

If im understanding this correctly: the kill doesnt have to be right before it appears in the battlefield or when he is on the battlefield… the enemy monster just has to have a kill.

Never put it in the front line then. it’d be deadly being in the middle or the end of the team

The stunt double makes this monster very deadly. Perfect partner for Ziberius.

Had no Problems with the challenge. Talking about the new Monster:

Okay, so he is annoying, but if he uses his stunt double, its way to obvious and my bane ate him before he could do any harm. Talking about speed, he went 1 sec ahead of my flave so his speed should be anywhere between 35 and 45 which isnt too much either, so even when bring him in mid game, the opponent has enough time to do anything against him, hes vulnerable to stund aswell. For the guys with zib he might be interesting, i’m not that excited to be honest.

Given that Deathgaze wasn’t added to the egg, I’ll say that it will be a temporary pull.

I think that this mon would be so much better if it had some kind of entrance. Stunning entrance or something like that. When it enters after the rockoid it’s kinda an immediate kill. But alas.

i think he isnt that bad, but also not that great
finished all three

41% speed guys.

What kind of lineup are people using? Mine doesn’t seem to work well on the 3rd challenge

I used chronox (epic form), galvbane, robinator, Massgoliath with a stun entrance as fifth

How far did that get you?