Prismaryx... How to use?

I just got it from the festival egg today. Does anyone know if it’s good or not? How would you recommend using it?

Honestly, I think not that good :confused: but I got one too, so I’m determined to try to use it. I think it’s gonna be useful in a reactionary front line. I hesitate to put as the first up after the frontline unless the final speed is good. 

I was thinking Pris, Armavolt or Volcamus or Gearcroc (most likely this one), Zephy (any team turner), either galvbane (timestrike, protect killer) or Shadowyrm (twin killer, bloodthirst). It just gives the team more reactive options maybe against teams like ziber kong bc gearcroc would take damage from kong most likely.

The other way to use it, is to place it somewhere midgame. It will clearly come in after something died, most likely because someone killed something. If you have a give turner placed before it, you have a good chance of grabbing two kills back and trying to stop it from getting out of hand. Unfortunately, I can’t train or evolve it for a while bc I don’t have training points or energy to spend on missions for training points if i wanna get some of the survival rewards, so not sure if I can manage it for this exhibition to test it out.

Another option though is serazel. Place a stunner after serazel and then pris after the stunner (or put blitzdragon before pris and use stepback). Then once stunner comes out, use pull back on stunner to bring in pris and put stunner right behind pris.

Also, I’m f2p, so I honestly don’t have the armory of monsters that a lot of people have when trying to build a strat this monster.

Goctha! that makes sense. Also, I realized that stunt double can be used more than once in battle. XD

oh woah that’s good to know

He would do well with ziberius.