Pretty uhmazing combination

  1. Infernoyrm x9.5-S
  2. ArkWing x9.5-S
  3. Angelon x9-S

I looked at Infernowyrm and went “wtf is that”

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m assuming you got it from a gold egg?

I wonder how hydrowrym looks like & yes i did , he’s a power house … But don’t use him much.

Hydrowyrm looks epic ;>

And why not?

So you are one of the people mauling other people in pvp i keep hearing about :stuck_out_tongue:

@kook because one of his atks takes away 25% of his heal , he just has 3 moves . Be hea OP

@shen what lol i havent even PVP yet taking long to find match

Ah, I see. :slight_smile:

Then apparently a lot of people are getting stupid lucky with the eggs

You got lucky with the eggs sir.

I havent seen the hydro one yet on the spin :confused:

Nice :slight_smile:

I was a second too late the last time I saw an Infernowyrm on the spin. I normally use a metronome, but it ran out of battery…I normally set it at a certain tempo, and count how many beats it takes before it re-appears. Then I stop it 2 beats before (if it takes 37 beats until it comes around again, I stop it at 35). That’s what I did with Dragonisland Blue, and I got a full dragon set (dreadnought, all dragoons, all wyrms) without using any money and without trying to hunt for em. Just the gold eggs in the game (no, I didn’t keep torturing Fafnir to get em. I got the dragons first).

I’ve been playing this game for about a half a week, and I really like it. Got myself a Subzera and some other decent stuff, and am currently trying to beat the stupid all-destroyer.

Hmm lucky in eggs? Maybe I’m the only one that has uber rotten messed up luck in eggs.

No, I’m right there with ya Honour.  I haven’t had better than a Nilos in an egg yet.  

I don’t even try on the eggs, I randomly stop it and hope to get lucky. And, as you can expect, I don’t get very lucky.

My tactics precisely!

On topic though, that is one incredible team you’ve got there!

I got a vegitiger in an egg, amazing in pvp, one shots everything, but that’s the only good thing I’ve won :confused:

Hehe .-.

I opened about 50 eggs and the best I got is tidal whale when I already had one 

with eggs i end up getting c rank gustbats, one away from an s rank bone shark thingy…

I’m not even going to ask where you got 50 eggs from, but that’s some bad luck there Doom…

Isn’t money such a nice thing XD