Funny Battle

Faced off against someone with almost all high-star S ranked.  he Cherub Knight, Omega Wyrm and it’s two materials and various PvP monsters like the green tiger, All S ranked.  I can’t say it’s not legit though as except for this volcano worm, all were possible, though it was a stretch.  He was annilating me.  Bonus attack after bonus attack.  I was stuck with my last 3 guys and he still had 8 in reserve.  So I had Nilomoth, Angelon, and Don Pengini.  Used Haste on Angelon, Nilomoth used Risky Heal on Don Pengini and died, He used an AoE which killed Angelon.  Don Pengini’s turn, Showdown, Showdown, Showdown, Showdown.  All 11 of his dead in a row.  It brought a big smile to my face. =D

I think i faced that guy over and over again, and sometimes, last stand/showdown make me win it, oddly enough, sometimes he dc on me giving me a win.

But yeah I hardly believe all his ark is legit

goodfight next update to him :slight_smile:


This made me grin in second hand triumph

Give me a BIG high five bro

Ah, Penguini. My powerhouses have gotten annihilated by that chick before. My monsters may not all be S Ranked, but they are all in the top tier. Nevertheless, Penguini rocks it.

I used it on my strong save files in the past. Restarted a few times…currently trying to evolve my lil penguin again. Although idk if I want to replace something with it.