Praise to Hunter Island

Hey there!

Just wanted to say that this game has really become something more than just another Iphone game for me. It’s one of those VERY few games that I keep on my device for months and maybe even years, play almost every day when I have spare time and really think what to do and how to do it. Thanks to the developers for creating this marvel that simply kills those moneysucking half-products aimed at degenerates that are so widely-spread now in AppStore.

So how many people do actually play the game at the moment? There are just 5 or 6 reviews in the AppStore which is really disappointing - this game deserves much more. I suggest that, as a part of promoting campaign, we all write a short review in AppStore and rate the game to help developers get more players. We will benefit ourselves as well - more fodder in PVP (jk)!

The Same Goes for me because i have like 3 games that i held longen than 5 mins on my iPhone :stuck_out_tongue:
These are : Hunter Island , Geomon and Fifa