Hunter Island Fix and New Game:

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for playing Hunter Island. The game has been ranked the No.1 paid RPG in over 39 countries. With most titles being free these days, we realize having a $ 0.99 price point to download a game is asking for a lot. Thank you for having the faith in us to pay upfront, it really means a lot. We are fully committed to making games that players can enjoy and complete without having to wait for energy and timers.

Here are the issues we are currently trying to address;

Bonus actions: we are putting a cap on the number of bonus actions that can happen in a row.

PvP: While it is extremely difficult to make it completely stable, we are trying our best to improve the reliability of PvP connections. To make the match-ups fairer, we are currently coding a server that uses an Elo rating system like many other successful PvP games. Hacking and cheating fixes will go live in the next update as well.

Events: We are looking into adding different types of events to create a more varied and entertaining experience. A lot of the ideas we are considering were given to us on the forums. Thank you to all those who contributed.

IAP system: Currently, the Eggs can be timed, though it requires a significant amount of skill. A fix is being worked on to address this problem.

The first update will address bonus actions, cheaters in PvP, and timing the Eggs. It’s taking us this long because we had to rewrite the entire IAP system to solve several critical problems that were pointed out to us. We initially had a quick fix prepared, but we realized it was not enough.

Another factor taking up our time is that we are simultaneously moving our engine from Cocos2d to Unity. This involves rewriting nearly 50% of our code, but this will allow us to develop more complex games in a shorter timeframe. We can also transfer future games to other platforms, which is a huge plus for us and fans who don’t have iOS devices.

Lastly, because a lot of suggestions and feedback we received about the game cannot be implemented within the structure of our current game, especially for the end-game content, we’ve decided to take another shot at the monster collection genre. It will be a cross between Hunter Island and games like “Monster Rancher”. We can’t say much else now, but we will be releasing more info as we go.

Thanks again for the continued support.


Team Hunter Island at ZigZaGame Inc.

it’s okay you guys I (we?) know your busy even though some were pressuring for the update keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:

Yay! Unity. My comfort zone :) Good choice.

Great news…

Hopefully can keep us inform of the development.

Nice to hear. Now we know why it’s taking so long for the update, maybe there will be less hostility towards the Devs.

The work you have made ​​are well above my expectations for a 99c game !

This game is really great! While there are some issues that you are clearly aware of, it’s good to see that the most pressing will be addressed. This game is well worth the $.99 price tag and because of this, I took the chance and decided it was worth even more money which I spent to help support you guys. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

So no go on releasing the OM arks into the wild?

I think they want to fix the main issues first before anything else

Not trying to be insensitive.  This was our understanding a while back.  I think they could have confirmed or said something as part of their update (eight additional words max??)…they did announce a new game after all…

so this says nothing about nerfing the stego+charca combo?

YEAY! And then we just have to wait for new events but it will be worth it

Well, thank goodness. Kudos to you, devs!

Yes, but it’s been said twice (I think) by admin before. So I’m sure they’re still including it.

If it’s not included in this update with more pressing issues, then I’m sure it’ll come in one soon thereafter.

Thank you for giving us an update, devs.

So we got an update on the update that is not here. This is just a nice way to say hey we shall see you all again in march. Maybe release an update then.

You deleted the app. You can go troll elsewhere, really.

Until you have to recode nearly half of an entire app and then have it approved by Apple, shush.

Crystal really needs a gold star for this post

Or a cookie

Because your comments are really old, Temp. You really don’t need to come back here every week to remind everyone that you’re unhappy.

There’s voicing it and then there’s just screaming it at the top of your lungs, demanding attention

Oh great a new game just means less time devoted to this one. I would like to see this game fixed before a new game comes out(though I’m sure it will be good) as that game will probably be bugged too as not the whole team will be working on it. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the update, communication is key for companies to be successful

Great business structure, great game. Take regards to the committed late respondents of each series that you put out and you will be golden. I dig this, tons of money in it. -(

Thanks Dev!

So the charca + stego combo…?