Potential stealth monster idea

I was about to head off to sleep when I thought up a great idea for a potential monster revolving around stealth. I figured I’d put it down in a topic to gage the community’s reaction to my idea, and to not forget about it the next day. Hopefully, it isn’t too overpowered for the games standards.

Name: Centisneak (mistlike centipede)
Element: Earth
Stars: 6
Cost: 13-15
Atk/Def Stats: Standard Defense
Speed: 50%

  1. Stealthbane
  2. Purifying Cloud (This move affects one monster, be it yours or your opponents. It removes poison and sleep before applying stealth to the selected monster.)
  3. Sneak Attack
  4. Bloodthirst

Secret Skill: Haze


  1. Stealth Field (Whenever an ally enters the battlefield, stealth is applied to the incoming monster)
  2. Stun Absorber

My new suiki loves this monster

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Stealth field is a passive I’ve wanted in the game for a long time. Does purifying cloud hit a random monster or you target which enemy/ally gets it?

I think for balance purposes the purifying cloud should be 50TU + random and the speed lowered a bit to more like 30-40%. This monster is weak to stun and poison (a little) but stealth field has huge potential and it has excellent sweeping power.

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You select which monster gets it.