Purify all (Angelion)


So idk if it was a visual bug or Not, but if angelion uses purify all it removes my stealth but not its allies stealth…

Its unfair, onis one on one, drakoz stays awake and purify + stealth my Team, normally oni should Not be able to sleep all my Monsters again, but angelions purify all removes my stealth… Did anybody else noticed this ?


It worked correctly. Check the description of stealth.


But why does it removes my stealth, als Not the enemies stealth :thinking:


Wait, who has angelion now?
If it was your rival’s, the result was correct.


As i said, check the description, stealth is affected only by enermy moves/poison ticks.


Purify all been able to remove stealth doesn’t make any sense to me on 1st place.
I’m the only one who thinks that?


It is an active skill hitting on stealth monsters as well - fitting exactly the description. Discussion why it is as well not hitting your own monsters is a fair question but it seems like it is only meant to work for enemy monsters so far


Or do you mean 50tu purify should remove teammates’ stealth?
Seems this also answers your question.:joy: @ eNjiin


What I mean is purify all should not remove stealth not only angelion but also SS wich have instant purify all… I know it works like it should but stealth should only be removed if enemy is touch by a single or Aoe move that’s just my opinion


I see. But note that haze is far more ridiculous than purify all in this scenario.