Poll: Rate the Anniversary (not including Haloween) on a scale of 1-10

Taking everything into consideration, (featured mons, login bonus, increased chances 15X, no overlap) on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the lowest score, 10 being the highest), how would you rate this anniversary?

Rate the Anniversary
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With 1 being lowest score !

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I probably should’ve made it 1-5 so that we don’t have as many different results but oh well

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Yep . Scrap the post and redo

Nah, I think we are all smart enough to divide our score by 2 to get what it would’ve been on the 1-5 scale.

It’s confusing now everyone will choose 6-10 out of courtesy

Nah, just leave it, it gives variation on the luck of people this anniversary.

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Confusing to anyone who hasn’t graduated high school maybe.

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You’re right I should change it to 1-100

Another troll vote thread . I thought u were serious atleast this time…

I actually am serious. just your comment made me troll above slightly out of sarcasm.


I like this anniversary a lot because it gave me the 6* tickets I needed for Tiamad(Yeah I’m an idiot) as well as getting a free Dusci on new accounts


Last year the festivals were better (angelion, canishogun, and literally the entire halloween egg), we knew what coming before the first festival ran out, and we got more gems to spend on the festivals. We did get one more legend ticket this time around, but we also had to wait over a 21 day period to collect the gem rewards. The festivals are already gone and the login rewards haven’t even finished so we actually have less gems to spend on the festivals than last year.

The increased featured legendary rates are a nice improvement but I’d have preferred some type of guarantee so we could target legendaries a bit better.

Edit: oh ye I chose 3 on the poll but I think it’s closer to a 4-6 for me


I don’t think this was a bad anniversary by any means, but the P2P only egg and lack of event definitely brings it down a notch.

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People remember that last anniversary we had the improved Okkult challenge which was something great and new this anniversary we had absolutely no new content outside the featured monsters of which 3 of them were featured on a special egg that most won’t get. In top of that we had absolutely nothing diffrent or original compared to 4th anny they just gave virtually more gems and the gave 1 more 6* ticket and remember in 4th anny we got 20 RARE GEMS!!! and in this one we got some ingredients… The only good thing about this anny was the featured monsters that were pretty awsome most of them and the increased drop rate for featured BUT COME ON!!! this was the freaking 5th anniversary a huge accomplishment and we celebrated it so poorly and so P2W oriented…


I just realized I gave it 8, I thought I had rated it 7. The monsters were fine and the gems saving paid off, just… There hasn’t been anything new as far as PvE is concerned. That’s what I wanted most honestly.

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I feel like we got more free stuff this year tbh

We got 120 gems instead of 80 gems, half of which we can’t actually use on the festival eggs because it takes three weeks to collect them. We got an extra legend ticket and some ingredients but no rare gems. Also 15x featured legend chance

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I’m gonna close this poll in 24 hrs so make sure to vote if you haven’t already.

What a fun poll lmao.