New anniversary mons thoughts?

Thoughts on the new anniversary mons…


I didn’t spect her being the earth one ,legend seems op

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Just coming here to say: this is the worst anniversary human eyes could ever see!
They most be doing this on purpose cause it’s not possible that, casually, every year is worst than the previous one.
Btw, I think the 36 th paid gems pack is the best one, you guys should go for it :rofl:


I don’t know, the one where it was BB and Moji and half the community got screwed over on the guarantee kinda sucked too.


Well atleast they don’t motivate me to use my gems, and after i thought that waifu was holy type😖

I think the mythic design is nice, but might mainly help beginners as an endliner.

The legendary looks awesome. The moveset is really unique and build to create strategic link teams. Love him already.

And everybody who doesn’t have Novadrake yet will definitely try this anniversary banner anyway and probably get one of them.

Exactly novadrake at bargain

Bruh what are you even saying??? Last year was the best anniversary ever in the game’s history. This year too the rewards are insane, they improved the anniversary banners and also this mythic will be useful for people who decide to awaken it (Unlike Vixian last year). So idk what were you expecting?

The only thing I’m disappointed about is that no new Mythics were added to the rare egg like last year. They just put some previous featured ones in it. However, new stuff is always more exciting!


Yeah same

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Well that’s some nice input right there. If you have nothing better to say please don’t say anything.

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You do remember I’m f2p right? There are like 7 banners f2p players can’t even look at and a shitty one for us…
But off course, if you’re referring to the mythic banners alone, then yeah, it’s a pretty good anniversary.
Players always expect to see the most interesting monsters in anniversary banners. I got really disappointed when I saw this one. It is barely an excuse of a banner.

About the new leg:

  • Extremaly simple design (a kid could have drown that two colors dragon)
  • It makes not much sense:
    . Focus (under a condition) in a monster with a double attack that can only attack targets of two of the less used elements.
    . Excessive force (under a condition), again, in a monster that can only attack targets of two of the less used elements
    It’s like good passive skills but no way to properly use them. And it’s more than clear that we’ll almost never use “defang” (poison monsters are at the edge of extinction), so we can think of him as he only have one attack move.
    I won’t even talk about it’s SS. I would never waist 16 cost only to do that

2 color dragon is joke… :joy::joy::joy: Cool moveset but very very simple design… I think this time free se princess also have very simple design. Nova drake looks way cooler than this


I see what you’re saying, and agree to an extent. With the new Legendary, I feel there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Yes, I agree the passives don’t make a whole lot of sense, but to an extent let’s it fit multiple elements to be used depending on what you need. With Shadow partners, it gets piercing attacks and has 2 double moves, which pretty much ensures it will get kills.

With Holy, it gets Focus which I agree doesn’t make much sense on a monster with double hitting attacks, and would definitely be the less used of the two passives. Should’ve gotten Stun Immunity as the second passive and made the first give it piercing if it had Shadow or Holy partners, would be much better.

As for the attacking moves, I feel they kind of make it an all around jack of all trades. The double attack on Holy or Shadow ELEM is, as you said, some of the lesser used elements, but they are still used, and Defang won’t hit many Holy or Shadow mons as they don’t have a whole lot of poison, but Fire and Water do have a lot of poison support, so really when I look at it the only things it won’t do well against are Electric and Earth elements. We should also take into consideration that with a Shadow partner, it gets piercing, so if the enemy has a Holy, Shadow, or Poison Mon on the field from any element (most likely Fire or Water), the piercing practically ensures 2 kills each turn that any of those conditions are met, which isn’t too shabby. I could see it being paired with something like Voodoom to be a partner Shadow, and give the opposing team token monsters that are both Shadow and are vulnerable to Defang, so you can setup the conditions rather easy to get kills in.

Also, the SS makes him cost 14, not 16. Still not a great SS, but kind of neat as it can let this monster help setup an endgame scenario that can be troublesome.

My summation, not the best monster, but I definitely feels it has more going for it than meets the eye.


Oh, and you forgot to mention the mythic design appears to be a hypersexualized child wearing very little clothing. This might be one of those times where kink shaming is warranted…


Idk why you guys are hating I like the Ying Yang Twinz dragon


I think it’s a pretty neat moveset all things considered

I think MFs are just mad that it isn’t a fire mon or a GF.

Don’t worry I’m sure you will get some new ones soon :wink:


I think F2P got a good choice of banners, 2x guaranteed mythic in the banners today and next week, plus the neo ticket. That’s 3 guaranteed mythics.

P2W has only 1 guaranteed mythic more plus 6* tickets for a free shop monster.

The Moji princess is really unique and the icons are nice.

The new legendary is nice too and Novadrake/GF Violet are really good who don’t have them.

I like this anniversary :+1:


man i love the yingyang dragon he looks like fun personaly i cant wait to start trying him out

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