POLL - PvP S48 Top 10 Monsters

This are the top 10 most used monsters of the last PvP season.

Choose up to 3 of your favorite monsters in this poll.

  • Padrinorca
  • Wraithhost
  • Spectrefox
  • Suikenshi
  • Kattmmander
  • Sobeking
  • Infernicorn
  • Angelion
  • Dusicyon
  • Penguinator

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Ahh @LemonSqueezy a fellow man of good taste!

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Pengui 0%:sob:

at least 2 people only voted once


Lol i misread the topic thght it was most seen mons :sweat_smile:.
My fav from them will be
Orca , Peng , sobe

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Same ones I voted for and same order :joy::joy::joy:

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I guess you can always change your vote anytime if you like to.