LemonSqueezy’s Easy Peasy quiz

In the absence of PvP I thought i’d fire a few questions out there for people to answer and entertain themselves :raised_hands:t2: Answer all in one comment.

  1. If you could wipe a monster from the game’s existence, who would it be?

  2. Who is your favourite monster for any reason OTHER than it’s moveset and abilities.

  3. Which players make you “sit up” in PvP

  4. Which monster do you love, but feel is under appreciated by the community?

  5. Which monster do you think would best to have on a big night out? Give reasons!

  6. Which is the best element?

  7. If a monster was running for President/ Prime Minster / leader for your country, who would you vote for? Give reasons!

  1. Bundleblazer
  2. Metatherion
  3. Mr X and Kiknaz( for now I haven’t faced any other person from the forum except them)
  4. Bundam
  5. Sanctallion ( to horse around and to create more horses for more fun)
  6. Holy
  7. Dusicyon (terrorist will have a hard time getting through the shield field :sweat_smile:)
  1. Onyxia
  2. Shurikaizer
  3. Too many to name them all, I have a lot of respect for players around here.
  4. Bundam
  5. Novemdomina
  6. Water
  7. Harleking

Thanks for doing this, most fun I had in Neo for a while (Searching how to write their names).

  1. Sakuralist
  2. Baublebasher
  3. TNB King, Monkey Dluffy, Killerdog, LemonSqueezy’s, LDN Fernando, LDN Grezschel, KLF Ziter, Josuinho, Gmagic, LightGM, VNM, Thaiger Z19, Z19 Ante, Mr. Morgan and Kiknaz.
    No matter the order, playing against them is always a challenge. Most of the time it ends in defeat for me.Probably forget some player.
  4. Willowyrm
  5. Nulltron
  6. Holy
  7. Dusicyon
  1. Stag
  2. Omegadragon - sick design
  3. @GMagic
  4. Bloomeluga
  5. Brynhildr
  6. Light
  7. Angelion
  1. All non-Voidress monsters
  2. Voidress
  3. The players who are able to use Voidress properly.
  4. Voidress
  5. Voidress
  6. Void (It’s a Voidress exclusive ability that has all the perks of Holy and Shadow, but without the downsides.)
  7. My one true queen, Voidress.

May the void be with you!!!

  1. Oniblade
  2. Tagosenshi
  3. Anyone in the community plus a few extras like Mixxx and Jonny. Always great when you meet someone you recognise.
  4. Sweetfeather (this was a hard one - I actually just pulled this too :smiley: )
  5. Brynhildr, obviously. I might have to get her to revive herself too, but I won’t go further in the details.
  6. Holy, it has literally everything to offer and some of the most OP things around but not many either have the monsters or have given it a proper try. Link water has been the most popular choice ever since the fish festival and Celeshine.
  7. Godfeather, he clearly has past experience being in power and can love us all like his family.
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I don’t own voidress :frowning:

  1. Team turn, then I would rework regalion.
  2. Tenebris.
  3. Lightgm, lochi(formerly), killerdog, gmagic, josuinho, mr.x.
  4. Kuraokami.
  5. Flarevern
  6. I like water.
  7. Tbh I’d vote for anyone but our current president.
  1. Voidress and/or Aviaeronix
  2. Demolitron, my first hatch and best artwork in all of Neo
  3. @Icono aka the GOAT
  4. Nebel/Cosmo (who btw got buffs they should’ve never gotten)
  5. Auro, so if I die from alcohol poisoning it’s no big deal because he can revive me
  6. Lighting has been and prob always will be the best element
  7. I’d vote for Barricazor to keep all the job-stealing Illegals out
  1. Onyxia
  2. The Rockoid - just looks badass
  3. Any player I recognize from forum/line
  4. Onigeist
  5. The Rockoid would be fun to drink with. Especially if someone try’s to start a fight
  6. Dark or Water
  7. Don Penguini - If he can lead a penguin Mafia he can lead a country

I wonder people choose Onyxia for #1?

  1. Wipe stag to allow assassinate to counter AP spam

  2. Onikage

  3. Unown, Mr X, King, Josuinho, VNM

  4. Hellfox Obvs

  5. Leobolt. Bound to get along with everyone

  6. Holy - hands down

  7. Grovo. That’s a guy who knows how to delegate.


The devs want to remove Onyxia from the game themselves by making him worst each update

  1. Ankoudragon,

  2. Polaboss, Grizzleguard, pontibear, bossbear or prismapaw (you get the idea)

  3. Some I recognise from TL

  4. Na’turgoul. The amount of kills people let it do is insane, they tend to leave it alive

  5. Mr(s) bun :new_moon_with_face:

  6. Water in pvp, holy for pve

  7. Pupupa. Don’t know which moth ends up winning, people today vote blindly anyway

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Rip boo-dragon

  1. Sanctistag

  2. Shivadragon

  3. lochi, gmagic, navelstan, Jamal, unown, StarLord, ziter, tnbking, milfhunter, mrX, lightgm, joshuniho, Iconoclism, xyencross, KD, thaiger, Desdemona, kiknaz, rna kei, enjin, LDN gretchel, Fernando,

  4. Don’t know

  5. Dracorosa

  6. Except fire, every element

  7. Aurodragon ( name is enough as a reason )

  1. Whole mythic thing. It made me quit.
  2. It is really hard to pick one but I would go with Emeraldeus.
  3. Mr. X because I have never beat him.
  4. Pumpking
  5. Staticspehere :smiley:
  6. Holy
  7. Polaboss because he is boss!

1: Goldtail
2: Sakura
3: @LemonSqueezy,KLF Ziter,One Josuinho, Killerdog
4: Lionheart
5: Voidress
6: Earth

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1.) Tago

2.) Vulcaroth

3.) @Killerdog @LemonSqueezy @Unown @DLGZ.LAXUS

4.) Grizzleguard

5.) Dracorosa

6.) Fire

7.) Angelion