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"Hello, I’m León. I would like to know in order who you think are the 5 best pvp players in the entire history of neo monsters and why Please without toxicity Thank you, I would like you to give me your personal criteria


Mr x
DMG Daniel
One Josuinho
For me

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This is heavily pvp focused, but including 1 player who’s really great at both PvP and PvE

Lemon - Best of the best, because he doesn’t follow what others use and still kicks everyone’s ■■■
Jos - My toughest PvP opponent of all time, always tough to face
Gmagic - Another one of my toughest PvP opponents ever, would put Jos and G in same rank
Shikaotoko - Good at PvP and PvE, it’s rare someone does great on both. Inspired me to push last UC and accidentally came 11th.

Can’t name 5th, and I’m only including the players who are still active or have been active more recently. There are many great players from 5 years ago that I did not consider into this list. Also, being amazing in just PvE is not enough to get a place on the list, kinda have to be amazing on both PvE and PvP or godlike PvP.


could you tell me why you think they are the best give me more knowledge about that comment

he doesn’t play much pvp

better than the previous ones in terms of ability

basically I have never faced a single one of these players but to make my ranking I was inspired by the videos of these players are really very strong players who did not lack ingenuity (which many players lack a lot we see now) and alsoranking of each of them in the history of PvP seasons

My personal opinion, taking into account all times and not only currently
Mr x
El pollito Pío
They are the strongest players I have met, personal opinion, they are not in order from the 3rd


it’s true Dont89 doesn’t play much PvP but according to the report of past seasons he is one of the best players and he just asked who was the best players in any neo Monster so he is one of them

I don’t really know her, could you tell me why you say she is better (Anne), I put it because I know she was one of the best in her time

If I remember correctly, he has 3 top 1 and after that he never played competitive pvp again (I’m not too sure) but I respect your opinion

Beyond the number of tops, she was the best dmg player in terms of skill, if I remember correctly in the seasons that Daniel played she couldn’t get top 1, and she helped him several times

ok bro Thanks for the answer, I will update my news

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If we talk about just PvP players, I am definitely not in top 5, there is much stronger PvP players than me.

This is my list of PvP players:

  1. MrX: Just dominated PvP for seasons and seasons when a lot of good players were around, lost a bit his touch after mythics took over but his ability is not questionable in my opinion.

  2. Josuinho: Probably the best player of both heras, Legendary and Mythic hera, I used to look up to him in PvP eventually I am not sure I ever reached his level. God.

  3. DMG Daniel: His style was a promise “no matter what takes, I’ll win” and winning is the most important thing in PvP. Best mentality I ever seen.

  4. @ILAGaLOT - @LemonSqueezy: For me both those players sit at the same level in PvP for different reasons, Lochi was a decision making genius, and cold blooded, on the other hand lemon had better team building skills.

  5. I feel like giving this spot to @NMEduck: In my opinion the player with the most growth in all Neo’s history PvP wise. I have to admit that I never thought so in the past, but he surprised me. Very intelligent player.

Special mentions that could fit this list if I didn’t have to make tough choices:

@GMagic: Fantastic player, make me nervous facing him.

@Unown: Very good PvP player, but I feel more him as a PvE player where has amazing features.

@DRACARYS: Probably the best player ever in TNC.

@ONE_Raghnius: Super good well rounded player, recently got top 1 PvP (still congrats!)

DMG Bouncy: This guy is something special in PvP.

DMG Anne: Not in top 5 for not having her own account.

@squinty1880: A lot of potential as PvP player, hope one day he can be on top (I don’t hate him as many think!)

@SHIKAOTOKO: as for Unown, I see him more as a PvE player, but very good in PvP.


My criteria is who I believe to be the best at team building, decision making, overall strategy and creativity. Monster for monster, account for account, these are who I believe to be the strongest:

Unown - the easiest choice. Made combos with monsters others deemed useless. Unown has the ability to see potential in monsters others do not. He can find the positives in bad monsters and abuse them until other players start to think they’re good. The first Rank 1 in season 1. Mr X only dominated because this guy couldn’t be bothered.

Josuinho - A good friend who I owe a lot to. I didn’t get to see him much during his first stint so I only saw him on his return. Great decision making and developed a great team people couldn’t handle. Most players would see his name and accept the loss there and then. Made the Sui Jag combo famous. Would liked to have met him sooner to see other teams he made.

Mr X - You can’t deny the results this guy had. Rank 1 season after season. His decision making was his best attribute. A mistake from him was rare. Rather than building lots of different teams, like Josuinho he just perfected one, making small adjustments to the meta. It was good to see him come back. I only wish he built more of his own teams when he did come back. I was disappointed he copied and hoped for more. But he had an understanding of the game most people may never reach.

Edit: Lemon - because @GMagic told me to.

Very hard to choose next. Maybe Starlord, Lochi or even Ziter could take it. Anna was strong too. But as the games evolved, I think it’s much harder now than it was, so I believe the best players are probably all relatively current. @TNCGodZeus is strong, @NMEduck has been a force ever since he ditched AoE spam, @DRACARYS terrified me during my first #1 season and is right up there. @GMagic is a complete package when it comes to PvP so he might edge it.


Hellow? I’m here why nobody mentioned me?

Oh here I am😋

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Sorry! :sweat_smile: if it was top 25 you’d be in my list for sure! :muscle:t3:


Is good not to be mentioned bro, makes me feel an underdog, and is even more satisfying winning when you are an underdog.

I don’t get mentioned much, I appreciate when I do, and that’s good because winning taste different.

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I kind of hate you for not putting yourself.


Put your lemons on the table dang it

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I’ve seen a couple of these get made over the years but I’ve never had much to say. I’ll give it a crack now, in no particular order:

Josuinho - guy was the perfect blend of having the firepower and knowing how to use it. Never gloated either, just kept his head down and murked everybody. Could ask him for help and he wouldn’t hesitate. Probably the only player I have a losing overall record against in my time playing.

Lemon - has that firepower and know how, but adds a rare creative element. Yeah he’ll use heavy hitters, but they’ll be in places where you were expecting them, making them even more effective. On top of that, as is well documented, and elite dude.

Gary - don’t lie, you double-taked at this one. Gary is one of the most creative, meticulous players the game has ever seen. Just because he’s funny doesn’t mean he isn’t a stud. Elite at taking you out of your comfort zone. He’s in my top 5, no question.

Unown - hard to not steal Lemon’s analysis here. Unown is playing chess when the rest of us are playing checkers. He’ll make a move 132tu into the match that you’d think does nothing, but ends up winning him the match 297tu later. Enough said.

Me - feels weird giving myself flowers, so I won’t.