Pokemon XY Friend Safari

Hey everyone,

Although the release for hunter island is just around the corner, I’m sure many of you now are playing Pokemon X or Y during the wait.

For those of you aware of Friend Safari, I have started this thread as a place where we can post our 3DS friend codes to add each other.

My FC is: 5455-9546-2697

If I had one, I’d totally be playing

But I don’t

Because I’m broke.

Carry on

I plan on getting one in a few months.  I haven’t played a Pokemon game in years, really want to get X and Y.  It looks super fun!


Exactly the same with me

My friend code is :  2036 - 6746 - 3862

My name is Austin btw

I also have Animal Crossing New leaf and Mario Cart if anyone is interested

My friend code is 2578-3168-2463 I added u angelsbane and shen

I forgot does it matter what name u put for the person ur settting up under friends

Hey guys,
I’m not very active on this forum but I’d be glad to trade codes still if everyone wants to.
Add me as Zac or Leap, whichever.
On a side note, anyone have a rotom they wouldn’t mind trading or showing me? So close to finishing these dexs.

Edit: Just got a rotom if anyone else wants to trade and trade back.

Where does one obtain a rotom?

You get Rottom in In Lost Hotel, there are numerous dustbins around the area. On certain days, these bins contain various items or, in this case, Pokémon. On Tuesdays, there is a chance that the bins will be haunted and may contain the alternate forms of the Pokémon, Rotom.  

Also if someone added me please tell me and ill add you 

Why thank you, i should have googled it but i was right here :stuck_out_tongue:

Your Welcome 

Edit:i will do that as in editing

Take it easy :stuck_out_tongue: I just dont want you getting yelled at like i did, if you dont believe me, spend a good 4 hours reading the random discussion topic…

Don’t worry I didn’t take it defensively. I get it thanks for the heads up
P.S Ill keep it on topic

Also in Pokemon X (don’t know if in Y) Rotom appears in the thrash cans in Pokemon Village. Just something to know.

My friend code is: 3136 - 6614 - 1916

If you add me please say so, so i can add you back.

Added all you guys, finally.

Added you back! :slight_smile:


I just got around to adding you today zoroark