Add me

Friend Code: 55425468

My Shared monster is Gigarock almost maxed stats.

Add me in game and share your Code!

Tried to find you - it didn’t work.

I want your gigarock >.<

99879325 waiting for the live mission to change my max Crysdrake to Kamiwyrm, also gigarock if you need!

55425468 wrong code!! Sorry

post your friend code!

My friend code is 27605658 and shared monster is Guardiron with maxed stats if anyone wants to use him online.

77119695 for mine, max stat Cryowyrm, waiting for live mission and rank 45.

93027462 Got a freeznix max stats as shared monster, just waiting till we are able to do the live mission for the omegamid to evolve it, Got 10 spaces but might open more slots on request.

25008321 cryowrym max stats :slight_smile:

43008835 The Godfeather max stats.