Free Friend Available

Hey I hardly ever use a friend monster for anything so I’m going to open up a ton of spots.

I feel like the forum community should be able to help each other. Whether it’s friend points for fruits or needing a specific monster to finish a mission.

My friend code is 58930803

I have sone decent monsters you may need just let me know and I’ll share that monster.

You can also friend my alternate account where I’m sharing Polareon for those of you wanting to try sleep teams.

That friend code is 77742814

Thanks! Keep it on a last biter please?? :smiley:


It’s weird, I’ve never seen an ultra evod legend on the friend list before. Does it just not let you put it on?

It basically adds friends based on your level, so like on my list most of them are ultra’d legendaries. 

Also I am so adding that alternate account XD

I normally leave my shared monster on aegisdragon, so my ID is 95208979 if you desperately need it. 

10106415 is mine I share rexo or nightrider

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did see a couple of godfeathers today. I guess I’ve been advancing quite a bit.

85830397 most the time I share rexo.

Nice idea, I used to use the friend last biters when in a tight spot.

Mine’s 25371401, I’m sharing a chronotitan at the moment.

62049775 me, Nightlord.

If people are unaware it is possible to add yourself as a friend

Is that common knowledge or am I just slow for not knowing that?

I didn’t know either I just added my 2nd account and use each other for friend points

My code is : 44515752. I use warca! Lvl 85 can share night rider, rexo and celestrion also! Lmk

sorry for the 2nd request buckingham, I accidently hit delete. They really need to put a verification window on that.

It’s cool. Although you need to delete a friend to make room for me