Pokemon go was down...

I previously didn’t care for mobile games as I’ve found them annoying or ending up with wait times so long I forgot about the game. I jumped on the Pokemon go train but the crashes and what not lead me to seeking something else. That game ended being neomonster and honestly I’m hooked. Glad to see there others who agree :grimacing::+1:t2:

Pokemon go didn’t work for me

Pokemon Go sucks…Neo monster is so much more superior…If only new players bother to stay and play for a month or so…they will be hook on to it…

From what I can tell, Pokemon Go is a more casual game, while Neo Monsters is for hardcore people. Part of the reason Go hit it big is because it appeales to the non-gamer type people who don’t want to devote much time to it. Neo Monsters seems to be doing alright, but certainly a fair share of people were turned away at the prospect of having to devote lots of time to it. So, the one you prefer between the two mostly depends on what kind of person you are.

Even without pokemon go i got several accident in the road due to reckless :joy::joy::joy:

i gonna stop paying neo monster and start playing pokemon go.neo monster doesnt worth at all

Supreeth, there is no need for such a negative comment on another user’s otherwise pleasant topic. Don’t be doin that :wink: