No, simply no.

Whoever started this, had a nice plan it’s obvious.

Also obvious, they cashed, or, got put out.

So many things missing. Smh, I won’t even start.

I’ve been playing off and on for months.

I’m not a pro, or even trying to be. Simply playing for fun. But even to me, it’s obvious, this game is bugged, and even more obvious, the devs are simply collecting $ until this game is cancelled.

I could try to show further proof, if you desire, or if I felt I wanted, but as it stands,…

Why care about anything that obviously doesn’t care about you?

Devs don’t care about players. I could expand, but, after reading various posts here, why TF should anyone honestly bother?

I was saving for 500 gems. Was nearly at 400… After a wild night with friends, I jumped the gun… So glad I did.

There’s so much to actual life. To spend it, to study it… Smh, enough said, sadly.

Maybe the devs will change, but I doubt it, and y’all are mainly doing this to yourselves.

Last post was deleted by mods, a few days ago (when I was already expressing doubts; not expecting much to change here, even though I haven’t mentioned their sick taste in art work lately).

I will copy/paste this reply to the play store; alerted appropriately.

In short, yeah, it definitely sucks to turn away from anything you’ve spent serious time on, but for future generations, at least do it on your own terms. Otherwise, you abandon your right to complain, automatically. Or, get used to knee pads.

I’m sick of calculators too, but at least you’re experiencing life by doing actual math :wink:

But for real you said you were at 400 gems, you were close to the shrine amount of 500, where the devs DO care about players. Also we just got a massive New Years pvp bonus. I’m not sure what else you expect tbh. Quit complaining.

Also not sure what you’re trying to prove with that picture and bugs. It’s the opening battle in the first story cutscene where Hector one shots everything in his championship match :joy:.


Not sure if elaborate troll or schizo meltdown

Assuming the second one, it looks like you had a complicated relationship with this game.
I’m glad you got over it but I assure you it’s more than possible to simply enjoy the game without sacrificing important aspects of your everyday life.

The key is knowing what are your priorities.

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Hey @SickOfCalculators! The post was deleted because it was ripe for people to jump on you for drunk posting.

I understand your frustration, but the posts about it usually have to make sense to the reader or it’s just a stream of consciousness.

After reading what you wrote again, do you still want that post up?

Yes (I’m the OP)

I think it is frustrating when you dont get the things you want when you want. I’ve got a bad luck last time I try hatching the monsters I wanted. I regret that I spent my gems trying, however, it already happened, so why bother?

I can’t judge the game just because I got a wave of bad luck, 'cause in the same way, I already got very lucky. I got many of the monsters I wanted, and I can win in PvP with them using strategies. It is a game of patience, even for P2W players.

The ONLY thing I really regret in this game is because I played dumb in my beginning run. I spent gems in vain and ultra evolved stupid monsters. And untill now I sometimes do something stupid like spending 40 gems in one pack in hope I get a legendary monster.

TBH, dont meaning to be rude, but i think u should slow down in your drinks if u get that stressfull, is not healthy.


Go get yourself a galvbane

This one?

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Damn this is saddening

Yeah I thought so too.

The game is unpredictable… I love it though lol! Literally I roll packs on a monster a want… Nothing… Then get 4 random gems from logins or whatever, then bam! I got him in a single hatch :joy:! You never truly know when it will go your way. It will soon or later :100:

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