Please, the Italian translation

@Dev_VKC can something be done for the Italian translation? It’s got a lot of mistakes and it irks me!
I’ll list some of them here:

Original Translation Meaning Possible alternative
Dreambreaker Violatore di Sogni Dream Violator/Abuser Infrangi Sogni
Power Slash Schizzo d'Energia Power splash/squirt Fendente d'Energia
Leech Assurgi Rise/ascend Risucchio
Double Repulse Doppia Repulsione Double Disgust Rigetta Doppio
Sleep Immunity Il Sonno Immunità Immunity The Sleep Immunità al Sonno
Stun Pulse Pulsione Stordente Stun Drive/Instinct Impulso Stordente
Swift Sleep Killer Avvelenatore dei Sonnolenti Rapido Swift Poisoner of the Slumbering Scacciasonno Rapido
Skip Ban Bandisci Salti Ban Jumps Proibisci Salta Turno
Time Warp Curva Temporale Time Curve Salto Temporale
Iron Curtain Mortar Tenda di Acciaio Mortar Mortar Steel Curtain Mortar Cortina di Ferro (idiomatic expression)
Revenant Slash Sciopero del Redivivo Revenant Strike (as in workers' strike. I am not kidding you) Fendente del Redivivo
Buddy Revival Richiama Amico Call back/Sendback Friend Resuscita Amico
Fast Forward Entrance Entrata Trasportante Transporting Entrance Entrata Velocizzante
Soul Snatch Stretta all'Anima Soul Hold Agguanta Anima
Shield All Entrance Scudo in Entrata Shield Entrance Scudo in Entrata Tutti
Adverse Strike Colpo Insicuro Insecure Strike Colpo Avverso
Finishing Snap Ultimo Colpo Last Strike Schiocco Terminatore/ Colpo di Grazia
Poison Coated Coperta Venefica Poison Blanket Lama Avvelenata

To be fair, many of these are just slight changes to wording.

They may appear minor changes, but they mean a totally different thing.

Translating “Strike” as “Sciopero” (the means of protest used by the workers) instead of “Colpo” (blow) is absolutely ridiculous.

Can we also talk about Power Squirt?

In several cases, there’s a grammatical error behind.


God i love italian that’s the only language i want to learn in the future

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those are gold

Try saying that to translators and you will make a huge fool of yourself!

Italian has the worst translation I’ve seen, but there are a lot of problems in most languages. In many languages, basic attacks are literally just the word ‘attack’, for example.

Like in Spanish :joy: that’s why i decided to change the game’s language to English

Which includes Italian, unfortunately. A real shame, as we could have, for example:
Blight = rovina
Dusk = crepuscolo
Spite = rancore

Stone = pietra
Quake = terremoto
Bash = impatto

And so on… While instead we have:
Attacca Tutti
Attacco Doppio

For each element. Sad.

@MementoMori and you will make it! Italian can be discouraging at times, especially when you have to learn the conjunctive tense, which is like the “subjuntivo” in Spanish. But aside from that it’s very much possible!

Yeah i think i can make it Spanish and Italian are Romance Language so we have the same latin roots.

Exactly! Italian is just fancy Spanish and vice versa.

lol. Dream violator/abuser.

Great thread! I love the way you’re clearly listing them. I hope these can be corrected/improved.

I can’t speak for the Devs but I think they’re very happy to change these to improve their translations and they simply need the bad ones highlighted in threads like this. They’ve changed things in the past when they’ve been pointed out.

We don’t strictly ask our translators to translate skill names word for word. As long as the names are not away from what skills do.

But we are open to change them if there are many Italian players think certain names are much better than our current ones.


As an Italian I totally agree with the post, many translations are forced and misleading. Thus making me change the game language for a better game experience.


I love democracy


@Dev_VKC That’s totally fair but a couple definitely look like bad translations, like the two above.

Repulse -> Repulsione is what you get through google translate when actually that means the “disgust” meaning of “repulse”. Interference’s suggestion means “reject”, which is much more fitting. Personally I’d go for “respingere” which is about rejecting/repelling (unless I’m mistaken).

“Immunity the sleep” / “the sleep immunity” sounds pretty bad for any native reader. It looks like the translator has injected their own language rule into this making it “the X” rather than “X to the X” that it is in Italian (unless I’m mistaken with the Italian).

I have no doubt the Italian translator(s) do a great job on a lot of skills. I mean no disrespect.

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Absolutely! I proposed “Rigetta Doppio” because Repulse has been translated as “Rigetta”, so it’s just a matter of coherency within the translation. But your suggestion is objectively better


I don’t know why, but the Italian translation back in 2016 took some creative licences which I personally loved! For example, “Team Turn” was translated as “Tocca a Noi” (meaning “It’s Our Turn”) which I find very charismatic!
But then Midasdragon’s SS has been translated as “LINK Turno di Squadra” (the literal translation of LINK Team Turn) which makes me think there could have been a change of translator.


Thank you for the feedbacks.

Could you narrow down the list? Only include the names which are obviously wrong, not inadequate ones.

The we can gather more feedbacks from Italian players to make the other names better.


The ones which are very wrong:

• Sleep Immunity
• Power Slash
• Revenant Slash
• Swift Sleep Killer
• Poison Coated
• Leech

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