This bug literally makes the game unplayable for me! 😅

Just a grammatical mistake.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I just wanted to bring attention to it,if its already been pointed out,I’m sorry.

Really appreciate your work,devs! Hope update rolls out soon.

yep, the game is full of grammatical mistakes :smiley: :smiley:

If this looks bad to you, then you haven’t seen the Spanish version :smiley: There are a lot of mistranslated words and attacks, bad phrasing and it’s not even finished: The entire Online section of the game is in English.

But you gotta admit that besides the grammatical mistakes,Story mode is pretty good.

Yeah, I was really surprised with the story. I expected something along the lines of Pokémon, just a story about you becoming the new champion but it’s way deeper, and I still have to play through all the story. Haven’t seen the new episodes 'cause I haven’t been able to play for a month or so xD

Yeah, same for the Italian version xD and as for you the online missions are not translated “yet”… :smiley:

The devs said “yet” on April, now I’ve lost all hope  :lol: But honestly, if the translation is as bad as it is on the offline missions, then I’d rather play the game on English. In fact, I’d love to see the possibility to switch languages someday.