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got another one to ask about.
overwatch bug?

when overwatch is triggered and the monster was asleep ex: choco than choco doesnt get his turn and gets pushed to 160tu instead.

ex: solblaze dies and puts choco to sleep with death revenge then choco is attacked.


I’m 99% sure that’s intentional. Poison, sleep and excessive force work as counters to overwatch + HG. Overwatch instantly gives them the turn but the sleep hasn’t been removed because it happens 1s later. Certain moves like toxic give turn have specifically been made different so if you use it on a sleeping teammate they immediately wake up and have the turn.


So basically my Timberlord killed all 4 of the Monsters. You see a stunner coming up, however my Esapizeron absorbs stuns. The monster icons keep moving across that same ‘line’ for turns, and the game is not progressing

Dungeon challenge 1st shortcut. iPad Pro IOS 11.4.1, game up to date. These new animations are a bit buggy


Same problem : all mons to 400 sec forever (when moji is entering)


When tenebris is hit by bane/keeper passive and drako use mist tenebris will still not have stealth,
Devs what about less new legends and fix old bugs?


Captain Canine’s Show of power doesn’t stun enemy at all


I noticed this as well while playing IC. Fortunately it was the enemy using the skill and not me :smile:


Bug 400sec is still there
My device is Mito A10
Os : 5.1 Lolipop
I switch setting for 30fps but still bug
Please fix this


Thank you for the report, was this on version 2.1, or 2.1.1? Thanks


Me and other players can NOT reconnect…its always a safe loose!!Devs fix it
No matter if is 60 fps or not


My bane just enters the battlefield and gets one-shot by Magma’s bersark attack of my rival’s fl! That is the first turn of my rival!


Thats is on version 2.1.1 after emergency update yesterday but still bug


Vin diesel pet bro😒
He can do whathever he can when he want
Devs must be proud of That abomination they added to game



  1. Thank you for updating the rewards to include Ocarinos!

  2. Not necessarily a bug, but during pvp the name and friend code of our opponent doesn’t show anymore.


In training mode i having problem, so thats is make me stuck in training progres after finish the training…
My device is MI 4 os marsmallow
This is in version 2.1.1


I know this has been reported before but I experienced a bug in UC where a sleeping monster woke up on its turn did a move and went back to sleep. Luckily it didn’t ruin my match but its the type of bug that can completely ruin a match. Please look into fixing it :ok_hand:


Just means your monster was tired try to let them get a little more rest next time poor guy is tuckered out


I got problem in newcomers festival egg 10 in 1 hatching stuck on a screen with golden egg in middle even in next entry in the app when i press retry last 10x egg hatching still same…please help I mail them already 7 day they I think still no sign of fixing. @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC


Neo monsters keeps crashing after 10 minutes of playing the game and every time I train my monsters it crashes


Neo monsters keeps crashing on me after 10 minutes of playing the game or when I train monsters.