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It is true, however if I leave the others alive they eliminate me instantly, an example is Gatekeper 1000 it took me 3 attempts because Asmodia killed my 4 mons with his entry​:joy::neutral_face:

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I don’t have aurodragon and I don’t have enough revenge mons, what would I want, so I opted for this strategy, it’s weak but it’s working for me, I must say I was inspired by shikaotoko, he does a great job on his youtube channel.

I’m happy to be of help to you.
I hope this video is useful to many people.


its not a bug, its simply rng and you got the bad end of it

@kabylian i had this happen to me too. its just bad luck

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Im not sure, i have noticed this happend a when charybdia use bind thats why i suspect its a kind of bug that happens sometimes not always , i hope devs will check well , past time it was with taunt, but this time its an ap with 66% ! The odds are very low but who knows!

is ayna in 2k gk still not fixed? its really hard to time kill her right away… haha

Bypassing 5 times in a row has about a 1,6% chance of happening. Very low odds but not unheard of.

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Also I’ve noticed a new problem in the AI programming. Since the new stun nerf, AI doesn’t really recognize when the temporary stun immunity has kicked in and it will still try to stun those monsters.

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@Dev_VKC Ayna freezes the game as soon as she has a turn, Gatekeeper 2000

I can’t connect to the match in The ultimate Challenge. I’m currently in 181 level and I can’t play next match.

This happens everytime when you start training in auto and you have purple cards right at the start cpu used them first of all .

@LOG-Fallen congratulations on your top 100!

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friend, thank you very much, it is my first UC and it has become my favorite event :sweat_smile:, I am a little sad because I did not reach the top 50, however I feel satisfied to share a place in the ranking with so many good players, all thanks ah my clan, killerdog with his guides, ah shikaotoko, it turns out that I saw a video of him in which he eliminated 100 mons with vinegazer and polabos and leogeist and of course in general the forum that provides a lot of valuable information for novice players like me.

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Lmao :moyai:

@Dev_VKC the capybaragon banner disappeared 10 minutes earlier.

How often did you see payback revenge or death revenge not working properly in this UC?

Was Leomidas alone on the battlefield?

We didn’t remove it. It just didn’t work at some situation. We are going to improve the reconnection function in the next update. Sorry for the issue.

We will try to fit the text in the description. Sorry for the confusion.

We will take a look see what we can do.

The super buff stats have caused Ayna to become buggy. We sincerely apologize for this issue. It will be fixed in the next update.

Hmm… We don’t see anything wrong with Bind.
Does this only happen to opponent’s Charybdia?
Any opportunity to try it with your own Charybdia see if you can bypass opponent’s auto-protect or taunt?


This is how the training AI works. I apologize it doesn’t align with the capabilities of today’s crazy powerful AI…

It closed at the usual time.
The old egg usually closes 1 hour before the new egg releases.

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As i said it doesn’t trigger always but yes all the times it happened bind was used , if it happens again i will report

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