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I mean i hasn’t trained it yet so why he is at 53 %
Not 30 % ?:person_tipping_hand:

Bro just train him and enjoy super saiyan minteferno swallowing waifus

I had another entrance bug

Dude you did get it wrong !
I haven’t trained it so why he is at 53??

why call it a bug you need less fruits to train him be happy about it

Lol that’s what I am asking :person_tipping_hand:

listen man good bugs that requiers less grinding on our parts we dont report so everyone can enjoy it :smirk: :joy:

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Same thing happened to you also ??

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almost mine is at 52 lmfaoo

PS: never checked before now thats hillerious

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Normal day in neo, those entrances vary so much that sometimes 87 speed +9 can be after 81 speed +0. Nothing new here.

I tried using honghua second form in pvp. When I use blazing dance the game freezes / crashes

I came to report the exact same bug! It froze when someone used the move against me in PvP a few minutes ago…

I stayed in the battle for a few minutes and eventually I got knocked back to the PvP screen with the match counting as a win. I guess the other person gave up first and disconnected.

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You should be able to play SE bond quests with Legendary starters now. Duplicate starters in a team will be fixed in the next update.

We also sent 2 Legendary potions to your reward box as compensations since all your starters are +9 long ago already.


What happens to you with the game. Bug This makes me lose 30 ticket for nothing. Please please repairedthe game is frozen on this loading screen

Can you please provide more details?
What page or battle were you trying to do?
How often does this happen?


It seems there was a connection issue in the game. It was a bond quest . Now it’s working much better.

@Dev_VKC :sob:

played several matches and Bridalit with his secret ability activates toxic rebirth he does not have a toxic weakness and I think it would be a mistake because with the crimson transformation of dream moth for use antidote or toxic murder of padrinirca
should work and it doesn’t

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Show what you covered, it actually matters in this situation.