Please Fix Element for Shiny Alphagear

Hi guys,

A new Shiny monster is about to get released, which is a really nice news, however there is some things that I don’t understand:

  1. Same type. Shiny monsters after the update are known for being different type of the same monster version. Might be a bug? I hope. In any case same type looks less attractive.

  2. Moveset. With Kinslayer the sweeping capability should be slightly improved, however LINK Team Turn and RAW Knock Back put a serious limitation on his support skills.

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Man RAW Knock Back at 200 TU is a huge buff to it’s former move set you can KB any enemy ignoring protectors the only monster with that kind of power is Suikenshi and it is his SS shiny alphagear’s is unlimited times at +9 you can KB every 170 TU i think that’s why they made TT LINK is kind of a compensation for the Awsome KB i like this new skill set i could be really useful

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Raw knock back should cost 160TU lmao

Use it to knockback duscy in ap spam


Give it Link reverse instead of Link TT
change the element to Holy (then it can’t be abused with Cani AoE) or keep it shadow

The disappointing thing is that his speed is too low, it is difficult to turn before raw knock back. I hope the speed can improve to 50. kinslayer and raw knock back are worth 9 points

In this optic can work, but still element need fixing imo.

He wont survive long enough to…

That is if you dont use teambuilding and only put alphagear in fl

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If you want to use it raw, you need to have no protectors

Shiny versions have exactly the same stats so I don’t think this will change

I agree it’s weird the element is the same. I love the colours of the artwork though.

The moveset is definitely an improvement on the normal Alphagear, but not by much. Personally I would’ve put the “link” requirement onto the blood move. Making it 70TU link bloodcrave would be awesome, especially for passing 50s for the team turn!

They should give it link bloodcrave and remove the link restriction on team turn. Then they should make its color red and make it fire.

Make it green and earth. Only type that doesnt have TT

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They do have Pandamonium now, with the sacrifice team turn. That’s a very good TT monster because it tanks so much better than the others and actually does something relevant the first turn it gets.

Haha Shiny Kamiwyrm has 30 more attack than Kamiwyrm

They still have the same stat fundemental

But that would require some thinking.

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Sorry I forgot some players don’t think


And some players will never have manners :wink:

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