Thoughts on new shiny Mon?

This was found in the new SCB level 3.


Great job posting this first @squinty1880


Yeah @pREM missed it by about 2 min. Maybe next time.

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1 min

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That’s why I said about lol.

Shadow again , feel like most of shiny monster is shadow and fire.
@Dev_VKC , need more Holy, Thunder and water shiny monster.


Shiny bane cries in a corner.

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I love Utopions design, but I would rework the colors on this shiny version. Violet/black can look very great, look at Runedragons bond icon, but here he just looks very washed out.

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Design should be similar to this roaring entrance shiny SE from the shop not a long ago

lol I never saw it, I was “play automatically” Thanks for sharing!


Link Shadow finally has another good stun protector other than Onyxia.

Going to have to wait for it to release first of course.

Hopefully we get another alteramid before then since I haven’t seen one for months now.


I agree, I don’t like the colours in the art. It looks too washed out. A deeper purple would look better, or the ideal thing would be to change the colour of the creature properly.

As for the moveset…
Looks like Utopion v2! Slightly lower defence but I guess that’s to help element massacre do some damage. The biggest problem with Utopion is getting stunned out of play and left, but this gets around that. 250s megabomb is very achievable too. I’m very happy to see shadow getting a decent form of stun protection! Much better than what we got with shiny Lavaronix!


I like this new shiny moves :+1: the colors i dont like at all should be something like tenebris
Good tho see finnally a good shiny SHADOW monster and a good stun protection
Not like shiny oak or heavens they suck

Ready to invest 12 tickets :rofl:

It’ll probably be in an egg like they did with shiny Talo and shadowhunter so it’ll be time to invest your gems and wallet instead :joy:.

Do you think so? That will be easier for the many.

If they do that for anniversary as one of the new legends that’d be so annoying

Totally agree, for Anni I would like totally new monsters

Last year anniversary 1/2 of all the new mons were meh. You never see vixian, red GF, or cephalogandr in teams ever.