Player Ratings 2.0

Hi all ,
So let’s make a tier list of our players so newbies know who to believe in suggestions . This is just to acknowledge good players based on my assessment of their neo skill level and no harm intended . Take it light and as a token of motivation !

There will be 6 rankings : S+ , S , A+ , A , B , C , D

Since I’ve been in the game for over 2 years now , I’ll rate u all unbiased and no hard feelings if u r rated D

S+ : LemonSqueezy , Unown , GMagic , Anne , DRACARYS , Sherlock , DonT89

S: Moking , @NMEGaryOak , @squinty1880 , @DMGMoogong

A+ : @Phantom00, Tomile , Broly , Exu , Arkile , Tanbeer , DMG_LUCKDRAGON , @TNCGodZeus , @S-lovers , @Alvarez (PvP) , @HalfBanGuy , @DMG_Anxag

A: DMGBonanoe , SoXzy , Lasercop , Soikot , Death_To_Mojinator , @ArcticTheHunter (PVE) , @DMG_Coltraz

B: @Gilgam



Retired / Rank : Zardecil / A+ , Mr.X / S+ , Saitama / S , @NML_Berserker / A , Xyzencross / S , , @ONEduck / S

Note : You will be assigned a rank only if u like my post ! Will be updated as you progress!

Do u dare to know ur skill level ? #NoTroll

Important notice :

People who are in lower tier than s+ can invoke a challenge call in this thread openly ! I’ll give u a restriction for ranked PvP and based on ur performance , I’ll reassess ur rank . That is if u want anything worthy to prove… Again this is for fun and claim your position in this forum !

Even S+ tier can participate in this challenge call to reassure your power , intellect capacity with regards to the game .


@RIOK @RISE_Alex @TNC_GaTsu @TNC_GOD_RA @Elvasot @ArcticTheHunter @TheCroutonGuy @DMGInterference Could you plz DM me your progress so I can add you guys to the list.

Note : If anyone believes you should be positioned higher , plz DM me with valid reasons and screenshots.

Important: Don’t forget to upload your best battle log with high-end players in it as loss . I keep track of such screenshots to assess where you stand along with other progress and my battles with you ingame.

Thank you!

Edit: Updated players have been tagged. A new category ( Retired / Rank ) has been included to keep it relevant to newer players. If any player in the list has retired that im unaware of , plz post in the thread so I can place them in appropriate section.

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Please Donot tag any player or trash-talk anyone when u post your MOST RECENT battle logs.
Keep the thread civil and clean. If there are any arguments, pls take them to Slaughter thread.

I repeat, donot clutter the thread with 2 year back battle logs .


Season Number:
Type : Unranked / Ranked


Btw @Professor_Oak NML Berserker retired like 2 months ago lol

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I upgraded to S+ I see :smirk:


What was ur previous ranking lol u r a top player



Oh cool :sunglasses: bro as always

Lol u skipped many players.

I have defeated some players of A tier so I think my place is with DMG ANxag

whats your game ign @Professor_Oak

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Tbh just being included on that list is my biggest achievement on the forum thus far

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@Krur @HalfBanGuy @SPN_GOAT @DMG_Coltraz @DLGZTOG @WRO_Nyorainz

Plz message me your achievements in pvp/pve with sufficient proof !


There is a limit to number of times I can edit a post . so will edit only on every Sunday to reassign players.
Update: 09/05/2021

S-lovers : A+
NML Berserker : Retired
Alvarez : A+(PVP)
@squinty1880 : S
Smil : A+
@DMG_Coltraz : A

I’ve been S++ since day 1 baby :100::100:

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You’re S++ also!! Blitz and Gary Oak approved :wink:

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lmfao, haahaha

Squinty is s tier at very least


I’m washed, I should be like B tier these days lol


@Professor_Oak where I am?

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