Pity timer

Am I the only level 50+ without a single legendary.

Please add a pity timer it sucks.

All of these new players are getting legendaries in there first 10 eggs and I sit here for more then 4 monthos without a single one.

For those that will say open at the festival time I always do that.

Press start button then wait 2 seconds to stop. I always get legendary. But I do not guarantee that.

I’m level 80 and I only have one… and near 30 4 stars. One legendary guaranteed for 15 spins (for example) could be a good solutionp

I won’t spill the beans yet, but everyone will have the ability to get a legendary eventually

Would be nice at a point in the story line to put a special wheel where there is only legendaries like after atrahasis. But work only if you haven’t a legendary of course. I think this would be nice to those that went far in the story without powerful legendary and want to stay f2p 

Not without G.O.D will.
Comclusion, you supposed pray before spin the wheel
Hail motha rng

He is probably refering to the PVP system which will allow you to more than likely gather some kind of currency to obtain legendaries… ofcourse points will ramp up quicker if you’ve got a higher rank

Im hero rank 93 and only have 1 legendary and like every super epic in the game haha


That would be interesting I am happy with most of my legends I would love some of the super epics I missed out on when I was not playing.

I would like a superepic that is not a healer or protector.

With all the eggs I’ve rolled, it’s hard to believe I still don’t have onikage :confused:

Onikage is Japanese for demonshadow.

What am refering is opening eggs and one egg will be guaranteed after certain amount opened.

Example the pity timer is 15 eggs I opend 14 eggs and no legendary so my 15 egg will guarantee to be a legendary.

How the pity timer works: for example with every 15 eggs opened you will get 1 legendary but if you get him before the 15 egg the pity timer will reset.