DEVs can you please....

If possible, make an one time only egg that contains only legendaries and allow a user one free roll? NO DUPLICATES PLEASE OMG. It can be for events like NEOMONSTER 1 year anniversary or Independence Day?

If possible, make an one time only egg that contains only legendaries and allow a user one free roll? NO DUPLICATES PLEASE OMG. It can be for events like NEOMONSTER 1 year anniversary or Independence Day?

You know how much money that they would forego with that? 10k players for easy number, $4 per spin, 20 spins legendary… $800,000 easyyyyyyy lol knowing there’s really a lot more players than that.

With all the money they pull in, one spin per person is going to wreck all of their income? Stop being so pessimistic, be a little hopeful and have some faith in others.

Once people figure out that one legendary doesn’t mean insta-win they’d start spinning for more anyways…


Well if you have a cool million to give out for free, I’ll take it. Judging by your whining, I’m guessing you don’t.

You make no sense at all. Of course I have no million to give out. Who does? Isnt that asking the obvious? LMFAO 

In what context does me giving out a million for free have to do with a free egg? 

what is wrong with people like you? Do you like going around shooting down people’s ideas b.c. you’re just as much of a dung on the ground.

My whining? oh you can hear the tone of my voice? I say please out of respect and not demand. If you think that’s whining, then reconsider your existence. Your arrogance will get and hasn’t gotten you anywhere in life (clearly you dont have one), that’s why you like to give so much about other people’s opinion and ideas in a game. Use your time more wisely. ROFL

Wow, you clearly have taken salty to a new level. You’re asking a company to essentially forego a million plus in revenues, yet you can’t make the simple connection.

As for the rest of your comment, grow up. You look pathetic. I’ve seen children act more mature than you.
Picture perfect

I would keep playing this game if they stillgiving free gems.
Because that the only way to have new monster.
Im not even bother abt the roll wheel, its stupid, you cant do anything abt it, and believe me they dont want do something abt that
I would suggest find a side games that relieve your stress.
Like me playing harvest moon som haha

Most of us on the forums are in the late game stage and only get full tickets less than twice a day. The log in rewards could definitely be better. The wheel doesn’t actually bother me. It is meant to be the way it is.

LMFAO. The simple connection? You just compared me to a COMPANY. Instead of saying I dont get the simple connection, how about you make sure that you make a relevant one. ROFL. Comparing ME to a COMPANY. Do you still not see your own idiocy?

Oh please. You sound offended? “look,” for someone who can’t differentiate between “look” and “sound” as a way to describe a post, that’s pathetic. Apparently my post “LOOKS” pathetic, it doesn’t SOUND, it LOOKS. Im glad you think white background and black letters look pathetic, kudos to you. 

Yeah perfect picture for the one you see when you look in the mirror.

How about me putting it this way:

YOU DON’T LIKE MY IDEA? Then by all mean get out instead of begging to stay around. LMFAO Have nothing nice to say? No one is begging for you to make a post.

Allow me to make you “look” like a fool. “Look” has one definition of “to give the impression of being.” You are giving the impression you are pathetic and a fool. Comparing a person to a company is not a distant comparison. The company is comprised of owners, who are indeed people.
If you want to argue, whine and look pathetic, make sure you don’t try and do that to/with someone who is smarter than you. I’ll let you digest that as you please, but I’m not to argue with a salty fool any longer. If you don’t want people to comment with different opinions, don’t post. It will also keep you from looking like pathetic fool. Bye, bye kiddo.

Peeps, can we keep this on topic please?
Although to be honest I have to agree with sanders here, it would be a huge money loss that I doubt would be justified by the potential future gains from bringing in more people.

I mean that’s not to say I don’t agree with it. I think it would be an amazing idea. I just don’t think it’s realistic

Yeah NO poopery doopery, companies are comprise of owners. HOW MUCH DO companies earn? Oh yeah a lot. HOW MUCH DO MOST INDIVIDUALS EARN? Clearly not as much. Asking me if I will drop a million bucks is irrelevant and not a good comparison. SOMEONES IN Denial ROFL.

LMFAO that arrogance. It takes one fool to know another fool. Congrats. You’re just as pathetic. You’re smarter. Yeah okay. Okay. Like I said, your arrogance can get you no where. Good you’re leaving, shouldn’t have come by in the first place. You don’t look too bright yourself since you’re so mature and yet you continue to argue with a “pathetic immature fool” like me. A self called intelligent mature idiot arguing with someone he calls a pathetic immature fool LMFAO

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Because you call me a fool, this quote describes you perfectly: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.”

One can have an argument without insults. It’s hard to believe how few people know this these days.

I think that 1 legend when you get to level 100 is good. Rewards those people who put significant time/effort/money into your game.

Why not just have to trade two legendaries in, and you can pick one you want.

This thread is clearly derailing, and Im locking it. Please keep threads civil in the future.

I also removed the link posted here, as this forum is about a game, and not about shoving religion into other peoples faces. Please consider that as well.