Physical vs. Magical Attacks- Which to Use?

OK, so I’ve had a niggling question since I started this game that I never truly investigated or found a proper answer to, and it is: for Arks with both physical and magical attacks with the same predicted damage and TU cost, which is best to use? Is it situational? Do I have to know the stats and weaknesses of each Ark I fight to know the best plan of attack?

Thanks HI community!

It depends on what you’re fighting. Some monsters have high physical defense but not high magical defense, so you want to use magical for that monster. 

And sometimes a monster uses No Guard or No Resist. If it uses No Guard, then physical attacks will likely 1 hit kill it and if it uses No Resist, magical attacks will likely 1 hit kill it.

In general, though, it’s all about the defense of the opponent.

And the only way to know which defense is higher is to look at and memorize each Ark individually? 

Well, you can look at the icon for no guard and resist - it differs depending on which it is.

Otherwise, basically. But you won’t have to memorize all 360… not that many of them get used in PvP :).

Just memorize the most dangerous ones - Omegawyrm, Kamiwyrm, … the 10-12 star ones. 

I suppose I could make a guide or a table or something for this…maybe people can sit with their iDevice and computer with the thread open. Meh. Makes things more interesting.

I’ll make it next month.

It would be useful for you to memorise which Arks are weak against which. Before you can do so, here’s a general rule:

For general Arks, use physical attacks. For tanks (Arks with Guard), use magical attacks.

There are exceptions though.