passive stackin?

By any chance, does anyone know how long haste, reinforce, fang break, last will last?

the TU…

& in case anyone wonders, I just did experiment, reinforce & last will don’t stack. (thanks to icekoo)

…it really should stack. Otherwise, what’s the point of death effect monsters? Last Will and Last Fury would be pointless (halopard).

So…yeah. Just make it so that Actives and Passives can stack, but NOT allow the same type to stack…err…basically, 2x Reinforcements don’t stack. 2x Last Will and 2x Last Fury don’t stack. However, 1x Reinforcement and 1x Last Will really ought to stack. Thoughts?

If active and passive can stack, I can have Last Will (~200 defence & resist) + Bolster (225 defence and 150 attack) + Reinforcement (225 defence & resist) on my Shadowstalker. That would be a +650 defence and +425 resist, making Shadowstalker impossible to kill, especially when coupled with some healers.

My Shadowstalker + Last Will + Healer combo can give big headache to the opponent. I usually scapegoat Mossgolem at the beginning and let it die, and Last Will can last very long. My experience is that as long as you don’t touch anything that will vary your stat, e.g. Plasmorex, Mossgolem or Barricadus, Last Will can last forever. In many battles my Shadowstalker can survive the whole battle, simple because of Last Will. PVP will become very broken if I can stack Bolster and Reinforcement on top of that, unless they have a TU duration.

Just scatter your Death effect Arks and Halopad so that they are not near each other.

Bolster and Reinforcement wouldn’t stack defense, so it’s only +425 Def.

Also, actives run out after TU.

Even so, Siesta is one solution. Knockback is another, as stats and time elapsed both reset upon knockbacks. 

Therefore: Your last point is invalid, as they don’t stack and they already run out. Also, there are already several ways to counter it, such as the ones I stated above. Plus, as more monsters are released, more strategies against this will be available. I can think of three off the top of my head.

yay i was quoted… (& the credit to icekoo is still there - maybe he should get a royalty lol)

love & support the idea…

Just it will be hell for people to fight my lineups if this is to be implemented… just like how First said…

Again, there are ways to counter it. Sheesh :stuck_out_tongue:

It really is quite simple…:confused:

Not when I stasis your knockbackers :slight_smile:


Now ur tempting me to put back chillqueen to my team haha…

How many people are smart enough for this though? lol… you know what i mean… not to degrade anyone…

I’ll post a counter team then :wink:

First, I won’t use “only” for a +425 Def and Resist. +200 is already a lot.

Second, you don’t cast Siesta in front of a Shadowstalker. And usually Shadowstalker is paired with Chill Queen which can purify. A lot of Master Leagues players did that to me and I had punished them heavily by Dreamhunt.

Knockback is a valid option, but Knockback can be easily countered by Scapegoat. And currently the only PVP viable knockbacker, Grem Knight, is fragile.

And please let me know how many TU the actives last. Since you are saying this in a firm tone I assume you have tested it. From experience it is definitely longer than 500 TU.

Theories and strategies are great, but the problem is you never know what you are going to face. Just like what you said here earlier, you can put a purify-heavy team to counter Kamiwyrm, but this team will be less efficient against other teams.

And one thing to note though, is that something that can be countered doesn’t mean it is acceptable. A good example is the stego + charca combo, which can be countered, but everyone including the devs agrees that it is not acceptable and is going to nerf it.

Letting passive and active stack together will increase the possibilities of unforeseen and unacceptable combination of Arks. And very likely you will be the one to invent these combos again LOL :smiley:

Did I just fight u?

Yeah. Love how you got me locked at 700 TU with those BA. Lol. And the Vegi BA…and how I messed up against Minespider. In my defense, I was eating dinner at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, nice team. I might go for it later…but it’s so much work and I’m lazy :frowning:

Ugh. I have an uncanny ability to overlook posts. Lol. 

Anyways, true enough. I was thinking more large-scale, as Shadowstalker is only one of the tanks out there, ya know? Like Kami…Siesta is probably your only move n.n

As for the TU quantity, 500 was the only amount that I thought makes sense. All other boost-moves are 500. Guardian, No Guard, etc…and I heard 500 somewhere. But I do think it runs out. It can’t not run out. Doesn’t seem logical.

…then again, what does? :stuck_out_tongue:

And that’s true enough. But again, there are always several strategies that have almost no holes in them. I’ve already thought of 3 personal strategies (unreleased monsters tho) that I will use personally. Worked hours on them, and went through imaginary battle-simulations, thinking “what would I see, and how would this work” down to the very move (considering BA Caps, not much room for variation)…I can personally guarantee that it’s possible to find an effective counter to this stacking while maintaining a versatile team that can work against many strategies. Of course, nothing is perfect and there are ways to beat the team I’m thinking of…but hey, that’s not my problem. It’s the public’s job to find a counter :wink:

And meh…In terms of effectiveness, I consider them acceptable tbh. It’s pathetically risky to use set-in-stone strategies like Charca+Stego and H/DDGuard teams against the big dogs. The only thing unacceptable about them is that they are overused and take too long. They’re quite easy to beat. I should know, as I made them :wink:

And yeah, I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

My BA was when you only had 3 left so wasn’t relevant. your stego BA’s were annoying!!

I just did a quick test in PVE. Reinforcement appears to last ~1000 TU. You are more than welcome to test it too. :slight_smile:

Did not know that these buffs even wore out. You really do learn something new nearly everyday.

Aye. But had I not messed up with the minespider, I’d have had a total of 6 left, changing the ball game completely due to the fact that I had DP and Omega at the end.


And ewwwww, work. :stuck_out_tongue:

True that.

Yeah… 1000 TU in PVP almost means “until the Ark dies”, as usually Arks do not survive that long.

Unless there’s multiple siesta & stunners.