Got one question

Last time I knocked a ShadowStalker back then at the end of line I had omega using veagence to it. The problem is the fully charged veagence can only damage ShadowStalker for 400???
I remember his previous arks are: omega don Barry angelon, there’s no last will type right?

Hmm sounds Strange, perhaps he had used reinforce on it and then you knocked it back, but i have no idea if its even possible to keep your reinforce that long.

Did you hit his Barry with omega? Maybe fang break decreased your attack…?

Oops… That could have happened :stuck_out_tongue:

But usually it should hit like around 900, that can’t just decrease by half right?

Does fang break stack? If you hit like 4 vengeance to kill Barry maybe it decreased your attack pretty substantially

No buffs or debuffs currently stack except haste and a buff/debuff.

Could you pls explain more in detail?

Example: Reinforce and Bolster would not stack to +500 defense, only one can be active at a time.

^sabercrest could you just explain your last point there, I use a halo pars for my triphoon and just don’t really understand what you mean

That means none of the abilities stack excluding stun skin

Imagine if all those abilities stacked in a PVP match

The one ark that would around to take all of it in would practically be unstoppable

If you Reinforce your Triphoon then it boosts its defence and resist by +225.

However if you were to use Reinforce again, then it wouldn’t do anything extra. You would keep the original boost, but get nothing from the second.

If you were to Reinforce with Halopard, and then also Bolster with Chopperbug, you would only end up with one of the stat boosts.

I believe the newer stat boosts replaces the old one (although this would need confirming). So in the example above, Bolster would remove the effects of the Reinforce and you would be left with just the effects of Bolster, which is +defence and +attack. 

If I use haste and reinforce, since they are affecting two different stats does that work or should I be only using one stat booster at a time?

Reinforce and haste will work together!

Yep Haste will work fine. Currently Haste and Stun Skin are the only ones that can be stacked with others.

Do reinforce, bolster and haste has time limit? Or they stay with the buffed arks till they die?

I asked the same question before in another thread. No one really knows the answer.

I believe bolster & haste have time limit because I’ve seen it worn off.

Reinforce lasts for at least 500 TU, not sure if it lasts longer.

Last will seems to last the whole battle. (anyone can correct me on this).

There’s a lot of speculation on whether they do or not.

I’ve had games where Reinforce or Bolster has stayed with the arkadian until the end of the battle or until the arkadian dies, but other times it seemed to run out. My guess is that they stay until they get replaced by something else, for example Plasmorex has Acid Body as a passive, which reduces defence when it gets hit, so I would avoid hitting it with an arkadian you have buffed as it seems to remove the buff and add the debuff. If they do have a time limit however then we can safely say it’s very high though.

Haste runs out after a certain amount of time (at least in PvE),