Stat affecting skills...

Say my Chopperbug gets super lucky and has 5 bonus actions. It casts Bolster 5 times.

My first question is, do they stack? If they do, it will add more than >1000 defence to my team and all my Arks will be as tanky as Barry?

My second question is, will the effect wear off after certain TU (like haste)?

For Fang Break, does the effect stack as well? And will it wear off after certain TU? Say if my Angelon AOE Mossgolem multiple times and Mossgolem survives using Risky Heal, will that make my Angelon’s attack become zero? For the entire battle?

Buffs and debuffs do not stack. 

But I am not sure about Fang Break, I’m interested in knowing the answer as well to that one. 

I understand that making abilities not stackable helps maintain balance, however why is stun stackable…? i.e. teams that stick a sacrifice stun ark every three arks, then all of a sudden every ark in the line up become a stun ark and each hit stacks crazy tu amounts. so sacrificing one stun ark will permanently stun all three opponent arks in that line up… 

I think it would be a lot more balanced that stuns were not stackable, or at least put cap on it.

You could definitely say something like: if TU amount is at a certain number, don’t let it go any higher… I think that’s a fair thing to do, because bonus actions with stuns = ridiculous.

But there will be a bonus action cap of 1 max, so that will help. 

You may, of course, be referring to the stun teams that pile a huge amount of stun on. That does come at the cost of sacrifice, though. Stegospike allows it to be extremely overpowered at the moment, which is why Stegospike is going to get weakened.

I think capping the amount an ark can be stunned in general would help with the balance of the game.

Since stun at the moment has unlimited stackability, even if an ark is sacrificed, this changes the other two arks in the line up into stunners too(i.e. kentucky), than add on a triple attack with the two other arks and the opponents 3 arks are permanently stunned. 

so what happens is one player, sacrafices 1 ark, and stuns permanently the opponents 3 arks. So the trade is 1 ark for 3. This imo is is an imbalance that is part of the reason why the game is heavily biased towards stuns more than any other ability.