Over Buffed story mode

Donno how much those monsters are buffed no matter what strategy I use always it will be my loss. Even my mythics won’t work which are in their second stage. It’s really frustrating. Is there any point in buffing them so much that you can’t take them down easily by f2p new players and have to wait for so long to get a perfect monster set to take them down. I can see here we can learn team synergy but why are they buffed like that because of that I even took one monster in island challenge cause I thought it’s Soo OP even my second stage mythics faced problem but after that I realised that it’s just the effect buffing and not much. I love this game Soo much that I don’t wanna leave it. But some players are like ohh man I’m stuck here for ages I think it’s time to get new one. If I said anything wrong sorry for it but it was my opinion on buffing monsters in offline story mode cause many players want to complete it as soon as possible and focus on online mode.

Which story are you talking about?

Overbuffed monsters require certain specifical monster to counter them: some are easier to get, and some are very rare. Therefore, if you don’t have the right monsters, these maps are close to impossible.

If you’re talking about the buff in the post-story episodes… those go up in difficulty by quite an extreme amount. You’re not expected to go straight into them after the story and to breeze through. You’re meant to go play the online content, do what you can, get gems then expand your collection and over time you’ll be able to surpass the tricky fights you get stuck on.

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Man if you continue to play, the day you will discover hell mode you will laugh at this post…


The fight after destroying dragon roar, I’m talking about next one where they send a girl to destroy mc.

Oh the last part.You need the defeat Maggatsouh

Just use death revenge strategy and a galvbane

Play online events and collect gems so that you can expand your monster collection. You really do not need to complete the offline story mode within a week or two. How about taking some time?


I was also quite struggling with her, but don’t give up took me months to defeat maggatsouh. just save up your gems, Hatch on festival and utilize other strategies to win.

You guys are lucky. You guys get 3x gem for each Story where we got only 1

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