New Story Chapter

Who on earth play tested the new chapter?even with maxed out legendaries, there is no way to even do certain harm. If their se kills a legendary with a snap, and the legendary does hardly any damage to the se in return, I’d say things are a little exaggerated :smirk:

Its buffed but not that hard to beat


Seems, I still dont get the Hang of this game after all this Time…:smirk:

I have a team which has easily cleaned up so far and I’m on like battle 6/7. Haven’t tried next one yet

Did it without losing once. The difficulty is fine.

Ok stopped at the clover battle. Wtf

Same, but these are definitely challenging battles. It’s good both the offline story and the online story (chapter 8) work up to some properly challenging battles.

The super boss fight at the end was good fun. I went in with my usual team and it was getting destroyed until my Delugazar and Aegisdragon came out. Ultradusk (killing 3 Maggatoids) -> give turn -> double bloodthirst did 30k and instantly killed the boss lol. I guess Delugazar is the better destroyer of worlds :wink:

If you’d used magga in the delugazar boss fight then just 1 poison and delu is down thanks to the maggatoids 1 hit bomb