Tales of the Mythic Land

What’s your strategy here? I wasted too much tickets :weary:

Damn poison :dizzy_face:

I used draco defang. Thats pretty much what was to it.

If you dont have draco try using shiva might work i guess

You need a decent pve team. Are you able to beat super challenge extreme level 2?

Yep, never had too much problems with super challenge battles. And i don’t have Shiva nor Dracorosa :confused:

Nox and nova combo

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Aaaargh I dont have any of those

I just tried a FL with Gallio and 3 cheap “sendback”, i wanted to mess up the enemy team. As a result, before I had a turn, The cobra poisoned everybody, detox explosion by Abyss killed them all, and right after the pumpking poison massacred the next 4. Just LoL, this poison ■■■■ is brutal xD

Torrentide is your answer!

Of corse I don’t have him neither xD
I think i’ll never beat that level, i miss some key monster :confused:

Death revenge and aurodragon beats any event :100:


I finally made it, with this team

Merry Christmas xD

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Does anyone know when it will be open again?

They’ve been very slowly releasing old story events like this one. There are a few to get through before we get to this one, so probably not for a long while (1yr+)

like twice a year at best lol

Why don’t they keep it permanently open like other story events?

I don’t really understand why the release frequency has to be so low. Probably to keep the illusion up that we get story content from time to time.

The only reason to play this game is pvp.
Without pvp the game will be dead.
But pvp will be boring more and more .

Luck shrine is a great thing but all the players have the same monsters in his collection like the other.
The teams in pvp are the same more and more .
The only difference is the amount on awoken mithics by each player .

We need a new part of neo monsters where all the players start from new without to trade monsters from this part .
With a so much better and longer pve story