Ossia or Antares

Yo guys

I have some SS and I want to pull between Ossia and Antares for my stun team. I already have Norza and Altaireon,so which one is the best for supporting both Altaireon and Norza? Is it Ossia or Antares?

Thank you

Go to the discord server forum isn’t acitve

Discord has been inactive too. Noone really cares about evt anymore

Not true, Evertale is doing even better since the version 2 update. The community is split into different servers so if there’s been a drop in activity on the discord it’s because they’ll all being active in separate discords for their servers / clans

They are both very strong. Just got Antares. She is kinda passive, until she unlocks her survivor fury. Ossia can do some serious damage from second turn and won’t die easily!

This is the official evt discord status . But druke in past week has opened up bugs channel . Not to mention , evt-forum is long dead . Although this could be the Neo phase of evt !

Looks like the community moderators are being really bitter that the Devs are no longer taking the time to engage with them on discord so the official discord is closing down while the unofficial ones are probably being far more active. It’s perfectly normal with games that the Devs engage lots for the first 1-2 years then they stop once they’ve figured out the direction of the game and what the players respond to (with increased activity / spending).