PvP...AP spam..

hello everyone, I have been playing Evertale for a few months and Neomonster for years … I don’t understand how you can play a pvp where everyone uses AP spam and you have no chance to counter it (they are lvl 1100 in pvp and lvl13 in classified pvp). they all use the same monotonous teams and there is no room for new ones … it’s ridiculous … personally i declined by creating a stealth water link team … and it works pretty well … but you can’t counter this constant Spam AP. . it looks like he is playing against disabled children with no real skills and losing for lack of game tactics … it’s sad …


Wow it seems like us neomon players are totally spoiled lol


Yeah the AP spam is totally unreal… it makes all strategy seem pointless when it comes down to ramming your team full of protectors alongside 2-3 powerful sweepers

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That’s why I am aiming for Light Ludmilla best tank lol
Endless Rizette is the best and new Ossia is a pretty good counter to AP spam

I just started playing evertale and I just came to say that, in fact that’s what I came to the evertale forum XD LOL