Orblings and Stegospike

I want to ask 2 things to devs or mods

  1. Is there any future event to get some orblings? I have 2 orblings left in pvp’s reward… But it seems impossible for me to get all of those, i often lose to player which has better arks than mine
  2. Player with stegospike is hard to be beaten… Stun, defense, i want this… Is there any way to get it beside buying gold eggs.?

As for 1, that will get better in the update when all of the hackers are banned.

As for 2, not yet. But very likely in the future there will be. Again, though, this won’t be as common after the update when the hackers are banned.

Stegos can be beaten easily. I’ll try to come up with a strategy using weaker monsters…otherwise, a nice Haste+No Guard+Stun+Chain Slow trio will probably do the trick. By that, I mean Subzeratops, Goldenhorn, and Angelon…but again, I’m trying to see if there are better ways to beat it for those without egg monsters.

Uh… Deucalis maybe? 

Yes, Deucalion. Sorry.

It looks like Archangel to me.

Yeah yeah…no well I don’t think they look nothing alike like um with astroleon and Solaris u can easily see the resemblance and with archangel and this one they don’t look much alike



their hands are in the same position for sure. they both have wings. same color scheme. armored.

I don’t think there is anything else that even remotely resembles arch angel.

Oh alright then thx

Deucalion - Archangel

Glazio - Snow Panther

Astroleon - Solaris

Bloodclaw - Behemoth

Kamiwyrm - Shenron

Metalloid - iron King

Don Penguini - Don Penguini

And so on.

How do I get metalloid?

This has gone off topic. It’s not about how to get “Metalloid” and it’s not about which monsters in Hunter Island resemble those in Dragon Island. Please stay on topic!

Stegospike is the only cheater that happen to beat me, sorry if you have stegospike through legal method, but the one i fight is having full line up of S so i am pretty suspicious

I have a stegospike and he is a freaking beast and has saved my butt so many types. I never would of beaten the 3rd-5th first ones without him

I wiould love to have him, but no luck of getting him from golden egg so far