Update questions

In the update it says monsters’ balancing issues fixed, which monsters does this affect and how?

Specifically, Stegospike because the paralyzer move prevented people from getting an attack in, in combination with a few other Arks.

Can u give me a list of the arks affected by the update?

All I know for sure Stegospike

All I know is that the ‘fix’ for Stegopike is not as great as people might be expecting.

My first game after the update was against a stunner and hasting a stego still cause a lot of damage.

It is still difficult to get out of a stun lock, although slighthly better than before.

The BA fix does not seem to have been applied as I am still getting loads as well as my opponents.

The really weird thing for me is the new egg system. The fact you can’t see the roulette spinning does not give me confidence the arks are really there.

I would not buy golden eggs in this particular scenario.

Just something to think about for the next games.

The problem with the roulette is the fact that it can be timed.

If you make the spinner disappear, can’t time it.

Pretty long paragraph, not a rant, just some stuff i observed.

I thought this update got rid of the bad stuff people were getting from eggs. I used to time (I know, shame on me whatever), and I just opened about 45 eggs. I got one pre Evo fro rooknight and one Wizpur. I got about 5 frost knights, 2 starters, and 2 dragons, and a bunch random stuff that can be caught normally in game very easily. That’s about 6 out of 45 arks being actually usable and worth something. That’s only 2 that can’t be caught normally. Even after this update, if you are looking to get some of the event/egg only arks, I strongly advise not to try your luck with the eggs.

I also have seen little difference in the amount of bonus actions. The new egg system is like playing the roulette wheel in Vegas without seeing the wheel. I doubt that it would be very popular. The old egg method was better. You just needed to take away the control of when the wheel stopped. I am dissapointed with the frequency of good arks from the eggs reported by Lyrux. I was saving the infinite dungeon to when the egg timing was removed in the hope that better arks could be obtained with a higher probability for all of us incompetent egg timers.