Dragon City

Does anyone else here play it?

Just figuring since you played DIB, you might like dragons and if so, you might play Dragon Island.

I’ve played it but its too slow of a paced game for me I like games with a solid story line such as dragon island blue and zenonian

Is that the game where you build like farms and stuff, and waiting to collect gold from your dragons or this some other completely different game?

I know what you mean MHenderson, it’s kind of one of those games you play in the background of your life. It’s not one of those games you sit down and play religiously day in day out but I do like the challenge of collecting dragons and of course, I love dragons, so I’ve been playing it intermittently for the past couple of years since it came out basically :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s the game Pred.

Yeah I downloaded it yesterday xD

Really? You should add me, get a kick start in the gems department.

Word of warning, don’t play it for hours every day, you’ll be put off no matter how much you love dragons haha

I think it gets old after about 2-3 days… And it had a bad habit of crashing on me.

Crashing? That’s a strange one.

It’s funny, I hate farmville, absolutely loathe the thing, but DragonCity is just basically the same. It’s a game you can really get addicted to, just wanting to collect dragons and be the very best, like noone ever was. To catch them all is my real quest, to train them is my cause.

Haha, Pokemon ! Funny how they translated in France, the lyrics are less about collecting every Pokemon and more about being the one who beats every other trainers : P

I’m not a huge fan of the dragon designs though :stuck_out_tongue:

The new dragons they’ve begun introducing look much cooler and more aggresive, I always found them to be quite cartoony and childish.

Agreed, but they are dragons, so they are still somewhat cool.

Add me on Game Centre, that should let you visit my farm maybe, I dunno

To be totally honest I just don’t like most of the game as well.

I was a developer for this game since its beginning up until a few months ago. I didn’t like working for the company, Social Point.

They always made us develop the game based on their greed. Many players were upset about many of the changes we made which were based on Social Point trying to make as much money as possible.

I figured I could do better, so I broke away and became an independent game developer.

I do think the game has great potential (if you like those kinds of games), but the company needs changes.

Yeah I figured that was how they worked as a company. There are far too many exclusive dragons and they get rid of things for no real reason, like the pure elemental habitats in the most recent update.

I dunno, it’s a fun game to collect the dragon but I feel that they have become quite greedy and that’s not a good direction for them to go in. What kind of things did you do for them as a developer?

The programming team for the game was much smaller than the art team, the game is more art-based. But we programmed the functionality, the game logic. How the battles work, how feeding works, how leveling up works, how the various places (recruitment tavern and stadium, for example) works, how dragon rank works, etc.

Gosh, and the islands themselves are still low-res?! haha

Yeah I love the mechanics and the battle system. All the buildings serve a real purpose and that’s what I like about the game really, there’s always something to do. Yeah it’s unfortunate that its a greedy company and everything can be assisted with gems in some sort of way but hey, at least it’s not ALL restricted to gems and grinding away can actually reach the same effect. Not with everything mind you, like having to buy the breeding tree or having to buy the island and don’t even get me started on the gem price of legendary dragons :stuck_out_tongue: