Unreleased arks???

Hi just wondering guys if spinoheat and minespider (I think) have been realeased. Went against this guy in pvp 10 star league ( can’t remember name and he used these all S rank. If they are realeased then where if at all can I find them.

Those have not yet been released through missions, but will be in the future. They are currently available through golden eggs.

So its possible to get them and iknow what ur thinking but its probably no hacker

Thx just seemed really lucky to get them all s rank though. do you think I should delete the fourum now??

Well if he had some unreleased arks that wouldnt be available through eggs than that would be suspicious but this can do no harm

How do you do do pvp

^Get 15 arkadion from different families, click the bottom left button in the game, click PvP, and then…well…PvP! :smiley:

Are you allowed to use unrealeased arks in PvP if I got them through gold eggs?

Yes, you are.

Yup thanks
hey Ashley~ wats ur opinion on astroleon?

I think its looks cool!