Online mission

This thread is to see who already got the weekly event reward!

Until 21/11/13 : Wizpur ( Meowzard )
Who of you guys already got the Meowzard from defeating the last boss on the 22th floor in the online mission ?

Until 28/11/13 : Destructor
Which 99 others got the destructor?

I did but who else?

I think you beat all but the beta testers Alpha.  Might be some time before other players have a strong enough team to beat it.  I know Drybones couldn’t get high enough with his team and he was a promocode winner too.

Its not that im interested in beating them but i just want to see who else got the meowzard

I tried, but it didn’t give me one. Apparently 1000 people beat it already. That’s surprising, given the difficulty level. I had quite a strong team already from beta testing (made a file on Ashley’s account). 

Edit: I take that back. Turns out that Wizpur evolves into the Meowzard. I was used to the system where the first form has to be used in a recipe to get the mission monster. 

In beta only top 3 got one

Somebody just hit me in PvP with a Meowzard, so they  are out there.  

Ive seen four

So im not THE only crazy gamer on here

MOD EDIT:  Verbal Warning.  No bad language

What…? 1000 got to it already? D:

Im not sure.wouldn’t surprise me

I doubt it. I had made a mistake with that post above.

So instead you get a S rank wispur as a reward?

Yes but you get to train and raise it instead

prize is still there to be won, I just cleaned through all 22 floors without needing to replenish my health and use a check point. Got the wizpur but my gold egg attempt was a fail, one slot off what I wanted…

I don’t understand… I beat the boss on f22 and got the gold egg but no Wizpur? I got one previously from a mission egg and evilved it but I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Star, then 1000 ppl beat it before you.

Thats kinda alot if u see for how long the game is out 

so…looking at your bench, you only have 1 Wizpur in your inventory?  Actually do you have any?  If you leveled up Wizpur…

I finished it yesterday afternoon :slight_smile: it’s quite good actually, I’ve already leveled the meowzard  to 99. And speaking I’ve level 99, am I the only person who is annoyed at the cap? It’s too low! You finish the game with level 99’s, it shouldn’t be like that…

I think it would be nice to have a counter to tell you when 1000 people have been reached.