The Wizard´s FOrest

Why posting that photo?

Why did you post that photo?

Why did you post this photo?

Just kidding, just kidding.

Perhaps they just wanted to start a topic for people to discuss Wizard’s Forest. ^^

Discuss away people :slight_smile:

If I’m just starting is it worth buying the Special event golden egg instead of the regular gold egg?

It depends on what you want.

A gold mission eggs gives out the Online Mission prize while regular gold eggs contain starters and dragons.

I’m just wondering which would be of more help to a brand new player

Either one is.  Just do the mission because its worth it for farming experience

Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding. In my opinion, I’d buy regular gold eggs first. It has more variety of things.

Thanks for your help!

The weekly mission is a great idea, and it definitely helped me get better in the game, but I feel as though it’s a little too easy…I began it really early on in the game, and it still took me less than a day to complete the whole dungeon. If I had had any level 99 monsters, as I do now, I could just go straight through with three AoE attackers. It’s not a very challenging dungeon, although it did have nice rewards and was difficult with low level monsters

Remember, its the first week

Can’t make it ridiculous right away

If you win the weekly prize in one of the eggs on the way to the final boss, do you still win the prize at the end? (assuming you’re in the first 1000)

Yes, you do.

Just finished got my s rank Wizpur

I will confirm that wizpur is still obtainable. Just got mine. A quick ty to RADirklaw84 for posting, gave me the hope to go finish this up =D

welll… i don’t know if i’m lucky for finding a wizpur with the 4th egg or… unlucky cuz i got it also at the end of the quest…

Lucky, because I don’t have wizpur or meowizard. LOL.

What moves do they have?