Online missions & the community's reaction to the most recent one.

Hey guys i’m not 100% sure if this should be here or in the weekly event sub forum, but ill put it here so mods please feel free to move it if you wish.

I just went through the main thread seeing how upset and disappointed they are towards the developers with how they handled it and thought i should throw my 2 cents out there.

This is the first weekly event they’ve released ( ignoring the first one, to me it was to reward the early hardcore players who have been waiting for this games release and beta testers) and you know what I think its a great touch to the game makes me want to come back practice and make sure i win the prize before anyone else.

To the main point, the devs are trying there best to give low level players and high level players a chance to get it, so of course with that in mind the top players are going to smash it out in little to no time. Let’s give them time to figure out a way everyone’s going to be happy.

To the people complaining about the time zone and actual start of this online mission, please read the forums or better yet, jump on the live chat and ask what’s up. I’ll guarantee someone will give you a answer. And about time zones the devs have stated there thinking of a way to get around so we will know soon enough what will happen for people around the world.

It was unfortunate that some people missed out, but this games still brand new and we have to work together on letting the devs know our ideas on how to fix it but remember to keep it polite and well structed. Chances are they will respond to you.

Thanks for reading my little rant!


Well Said ! Even though i havent had any complaints … This game is excellent by far .

Just my opinion.

When I first saw the notification, I jumped in and smashed everything with my level 99s, killed the boss, found that all rewards have been claimed, fine.

I am not good at eggs. Of the mission eggs I could only get 1, and then found that I need 5 to fuse, and there’s no other way to obtain the other 4, fine.

Went to PVP, got smashed by the destructor, somehow seems everyone has got one, the dragon bane aoe just smashed my whole team, that is not cool.

These online missions will continue to widen the gap between the old and new players. There is no way the newbies can complete the online missions faster than the old players, and then the newbies get smashed in PVP by those OP mission reward ARK. I don’t think they can find this fun.

There is the issue of cheaters transferring save files and spreading strong monsters all around. I’m sure there’s a group of cheaters who all share the same save file and seek to find enjoyment out of ruining PvP by ensuring they beat everyone in a fight.

Not to worry, their plan will be destroyed in the next update and they will be banned.

I understand that it’s 12* and shouldn’t be handed to everyone immediately, but I completely agree that having a weekly event where you must finish within 20 minutes of the release time to get the prize is a big disappointment. Going from 1000 to 100 seemed too extreme. Things like this will make a huge gap for new and unfortunate players. In short this was not so much a weekly event as much as it was a 20 minute sprint. And I hoped for much better after last weeks. 

I had no idea about the cheating. Wow how annoying thanks for ruining it guys.

And the numbers yes it was quite low but I’m assuming it was because of th release to give you a chance but this one they knew there was going to be a rush, but not so big. That’s my assumption.

I think that the monsters’ level in online mission should be balanced for every player.
If I have lv 99 monsters the enemies should be lv 90-99.
If I have lv.25 monsters the enemies should be lv 20-30.
And so on.

They’re talking about making it a level playing field in missions just like it is for PvP. Everyone has the same monster levels. 

I think the weekly even should be a 100% random S ark, that way noone loses every week.

I think they should give the first hundred players whk finish it S ranked and then the rest who finish the dungeon and beat the boss A then B and so on until the last people all get E rankd monsters i think thats fair evry1 is happy and the people who finishd it first also get a extra egg atleast every will have a fair share and people will be trying to get the S or A rankd monster without worrying they will miss out

I said that earlier today, but nevertheless, good idea!

Hahahaha am soooo pissed I dint get a destructor.

You can still get destructor from deletroids. I have… two? And still have 18 levels to go. That’s a 3/18 chance I won’t get Destructor.

I got to level 23 and havent gotten a single deleteroid from the eggs  :mellow:

I timed my eggs haha, so perhaps that’s why. ^^;

The missions exclude anyone who doesn’t have the best team from ever getting anything. 

I wont really complain tbh in the 25 years I have been playing games, online is not my favorite. 

Online breeds cheaters and they are always one step ahead of the game devs, it is like that in every game, from the one person dev teams to the hundred million dollar a year team…

One thing I did notice is this egg timing thing. You should get an egg open it and be given an Ark, no spinner.

My opinion, agree or not, doesn’t bother me. 

Believe me, the only luck I have with timing was with those eleven eggs.

2/11 were successful timing. So I still don’t understand how people do it so… accurately.

I really have nothing against timing, but I can’t deny the fact randomizing eggs may help the game and ultimately make it more fair.

This is actually an on-going debate here: So throw in your thoughts if you’d like. ^^

online missions only cater to the players who already have amazing things, leaving EVERYONE else. It’s a garbage system that gives those with nothing more nothing and those with everything more everything, hey, you guys are republicans!

Untrue. The pool system ensures that new people who haven’t won a mission have a tenfold higher chance to get a prize than do people who already won one. People who won one already have it much, much harder.

Agreed, besides, the monsters you win from multiplayer aren’t exactly top notch…